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Wednesday 18 January 2012

Sensitive Scalp Issues

I had been planning to do an entire week about haircare last week, but my scalp flared up, and I couldn't bear to think about haircare at all.  You might have noticed last week was a bit short on posts as a result. 

I'm prone to seborrheic dermatitis, which is where you get flaky skin on your scalp (and sometimes your inner ears, I get it there too), it looks like dandruff, but it isn't - which is annoying - and it itches.  Itches a lot. And your scalp burns.  BURNS.  Did I mention that it burns?  As a result, I try to avoid harsh shampoos, and anything that contains SLS in order to avoid both the build-up of scaly skin, and the resulting itching and burning.  I think I'd been trying too many new products in one go recently, and my scalp decided to remind me who is boss.

That being the case,  I thought I'd tell you the products that I've used which helped.  Firstly, I immediately swapped shampoos for one from Phyto, namely Phytoapaisant, which is specifically for sensitive scalps:

It's gentle, SLS-free, and most importantly, it's cooling and soothing from the very first time you use it.  The relief I felt using this was enormous.  I find switching to cooler water for washing my hair helps soothe these flare-ups too, a simple thing, but very helpful.

But the thing that's helped most, and I don't think my haircare shelf will ever be without a bottle again from this point onwards, has been this little beauty:

 Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner.  The tiny nozzle on this bottle allows you to apply this directly to the scalp, and I found it amazing for spot cooling and calming the hot spots on my poor abused head, at one point, I was applying it several times a day, but you're supposed to use it just after washing.  I've no idea how it works, it just does, and I love it.  Carrying a small bottle around with me every day helped stopped me scratching like a maniac.  I still looked like a maniac, of course, because that is my natural state of being, but oh! The blessed relief of being able to squirt a bit of this on my noggin when needed!  It's a must have for me, these days.

I've just noticed that the Philip Kingsley website is giving away a bottle of this when you spend £25 on their, and all their products are damn fine indeed - I'm off away to stock up on some scalp masks, as I've heard really good things about them.  And hey, prevention is better than cure ...

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  1. Hmm! These sound quite intriguing - my scalp flakes as well, but I'm not sure how much of that is dermatitis and how much is just the fact that I have dry skin and live on the prairies >.< (If I moisturize, it's more or less soothed!)

    Anyhow; putting these on the to-look-into list. Thanks for bringing them to our attention, my dear! :o)

  2. I have similar issues so this shampoo sounds great as currently I'm using an SLS one. I've used the scalp mask by Philip Kingsley but not the toner so I might give this a go.

    Thanks for the review.

  3. Totally recommend the scalp mask, if you like the toner you will LOVE the mask.


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