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Wednesday 25 January 2012

Nars - The Multiple G-Spot

Okay, so last week I talked about how I love my muff, and this week I'm about to tell you all about my G-Spot. I'm just too good to you people, I really am.  Fear not though,  I shan't be telling you about my bowels any time soon, I promise.

However, I'm slowly - very slowly - becoming addicted to a bit of NARS. I first saw G-Spot way back last August and it had been haunting my thoughts ever since.  Now, it has to be said that I'm not - really - a huge fan of the Multiples, they're not nearly as multi-purpose as people tell you they are, and I find they tend to fade very quickly, but G-Spot is such a beautiful shade that I had to have it anyway.

It's a lovely burnished rose with hints of a golden shimmer, which is a perfect colour to give yourself a rosy glow during the winter:

On the skin it provides a sheer "lit from within" glow, that's just divine:

This has been applied quite thickly to show up in photos, but it's very easily sheered out, it works well over unpowdered skin though, it'll ball up a bit if your base is too dry, and won't blend much.  It's easy to apply, I basically just put a little stripe on my cheekbones, then blend with my fingers.

So, all in all this goes to show I'll forgive a formula I'm not that fond of if the colour is right.  But I will say this, I HATE THE NAME.  Ooh, so daring Mr Nars!  Can we just leave off the "shocking" names now, please? They're just annoying, and they're not even that shocking any more.  Or, at least think of products to go with, say, Prostate...

The Fine Print: Purchase.  Which I made by the expedient of pointing and nodding.  There are some places where I don't think asking for a "G-Spot Multiple" will go down too well, and John Lewis is only one of them...

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  1. I've always thought that the multiple formulation wasn't as multi purpose as they say, I'm glad to see that you think the same. This colour is beautiful though :)

  2. It is a gorgeous colour! It would work so well on pale skin

  3. Love the color, hate the name. I have the Orgasm blush and nail polish, but I cringe when someone asks the shade I'm wearing... at one time I was tempted by Deep Throat, then decided the shade isn't special enough.

    All I think when I see it is "grow up Mr. Nars".

  4. yeh, the names (I would almost say suck but NARS would chuckle about that too) bite. I prefer Kose Addiction who uses words like 'Tiny Shell': I mean, you might know what's up but it's still subtle. But the colour of Gspot, ahh, such a wishlist

  5. I hate the multiples (and have owned and for some stupid reason re-purchased) many over the years but this by far was my favourite. I actually use it a lot and like 'riviera' the pigmentation lasts longer on me than the others (although riviera dries up fast!) and yes agree on the name. Why not name the next one 'clam' or 'ballsack'?


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