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Friday 27 January 2012

News: She Said Beauty

I said last week that I'd had lots of good blogging news lately, and I'm doling it out to you in dribs and drabs at the moment, sorry about that - but it's all worth waiting for, I promise! Can't wait to tell you what's happening next week ...  but this week's news is that I'm delighted to announce that I've just joined the blogging team at She Said Beauty!

Don't worry, I'm not banging on about their beauty boxes, but this week I'm giving you some snippets on how to survive buying makeup.

Please click the link and show my little post some love  ...

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  1. *googling doling*
    ooo they do beauty boxes?
    off to read the post x

  2. It seems you must have a facebook book account to leave a comment on She Said Beauty, which I don't... I must be the only one :) So I'll comment here :)

    Your advice is great. I've had such horrendous experiences at some counters with SA's trying to sell me stuff I don't want or offering to slap paint on my face :) I never thought of asking what they spend their allowance on... but next time I will, that's a great tip :)


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