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Tuesday 29 September 2009

Tiny placeholding post ...

Just a heads up to let you know my URL has changed to  It won't make any difference to you guys, but it made my inner geek happy today!

Unlike GOSH Darling lipstick, which I bought this afternoon.  It makes me look like death.  DEATH, I tell you. Worse than DEATH, in fact, look:

(apologies for the quality of the appalling iPhone picture)

Hmn, actually, that picture makes it look almost acceptable!  Trust me, in the flesh, it looks like I've had a nasty accident in a lard'n'chalk factory. I think it's because my lips are quite highly pigmented naturally, and beige-ing them out just makes me look ill.  For me, this shade is instant zombification.  Inna stick. This is a very pale pinkish beige, and it's just far too cool a shade for me, I err on the side of caramel when it comes to "nude" shades. So, my search for the perfect nude lipstick goes on, can you make any recommendations? I will say this for it though, it feels more like a balm than a lipstick when you're wearing it.  This is based on approximately 45 seconds wear though.

If you'd like the lipstick - I know it's a really popular shade for other people - please let me know in the comments. I bought it today, applied it once with a lipbrush, and fell into instant HATE.  Doesn't happen often, but I always kick myself when it does.

Sunday 27 September 2009

Makeover: Sharon Pt 2

We created a soft and professional look for Sharon earlier but as we mentioned,  she also wanted a very dramatic look for a "Bizarre Ball" she's going to in a few weeks.  The costume she's going to be wearing is green, so, we used greens as the focus colour for the make up we're about to test here.  Please bear in mind that these pictures are of a make-up test rather than the makeovers we're used to.

First of all, Sharon had to remove the eye makeup we applied earlier:

We used Chanel Precision eye make up remover for this, which I've blogged about earlier, it's my default eyemakeup remover.

Then we applied another layer of foundation over the Max Factor, as dramatic make up demands a flawless and matte base.  Once the foundation was in place, we set it with a sweep of MAC Blot in Medium:

After priming the eyelids with some Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, it was time to break out some fun colours!  In this post I showed you my pro-colour palette, and this was it's maiden outing.  I'm going to use two shades of green on the lids, the sparkly pistachio shade (top far right) in the inner corner, and the dark forest green (bottom far right) on the outer corner.  Here's how it looked:

I love the way these greens look in the flesh, they're very pigmented, so they're astonishingly striking when you see them on the skin. But, just the green isn't going to be dramatic enough on it's own, so let's add some black in there:

What I've done here is add black in the socket line, and brought it around to meet the same black shadow (Virgin V shadow in charcoal) that I've used to line the upper lashes.

Here's how it looks with the eyes open:

(Have no idea what's happened to the contrast there, please accept my apologies for being such a lousy photographer)

And here's how it looks when we add in a beige lip gloss (this is a Rimmel Vinyl gloss, but the label has worn off, so I've no idea of the shade, sorry!)

As I mentioned, this is a make up test, so, when I re-create this for real I'll make a few tiny changes.  I love the colours, and think they work really well with Sharon's complexion, and planned outfit, but I'll most likely not go quite so far up the socket line with the black next time, wing out the liner more, and make the edges a little sharper.  I couldn't find my synthetic edge brush this afternoon, so the soft edges aren't quite what I'd planned.  This look is just crying out for some mega false lashes too, I'll have to dig some up.

Just hope the ball is fun!


Makeover: Sharon Pt 1

We're going to do the makeover in two parts today - you'll see why when part two is posted later ...

Meet Sharon:

Sharon is another friend of mine who has volunteered for a makeover. Whilst chatting about how she'd like to look, she had two requests, firstly, she wanted a nice, simple, polished look suitable for interviews and everyday wear.  The second we'll talk about in part two.  As you can see, Sharon has beautiful porcelain skin,  amazing cheekbones, and enormous eyes, realistically, Sharon doesn't need a huge amount of makeup to make the most of those features, so we worked with only three or four products.

First of all, foundation.  As I mentioned earlier, Sharon has lovely creamy skin, so we didn't need much in the way of coverage.  I used a very light layer of Max Factor Seamless foundation, and only used it in those areas where Sharon is prone to a bit of high colour - around the nose, and a little on her cheeks.

As you can see, this has evened out her skintone just a little, and left us with a good base to work from.  Sharon's eyes are bicoloured - she has one of grey, and one of blue - so, I played around with a bluish-grey colour wash to make the most of what I think is a most distinctive - and lovely - feature.


Here, I've used Calvin Klein shadow in Granite, just the one shade all over the lid, darker towards the lash line, and blended in more towards the socket line.

Once this was in place, we finished with a touch of the same shadow under the lower lashes as a liner, then a light coat of Lancome Hypnose on the lashes, and Clinique Almost Lipstick in Sheer Blackberry, here's how it looked:


So there you go, polished, pretty, and suitable for any business occasion.

However, Sharon also wanted a dramatic - and I do mean dramatic - look for a Ball she's going to in a few weeks.  I'll be posting the details of that one very shortly.

Click here for part two ...


Friday 25 September 2009

Eye of the Day - Updated!

So, I decided that yesterday's picture of my eyemakeup wasn't the clearest, so I've redone it:

And here it is with the Urban Decay eyeliner in Ecstasy more clearly visible:

A cheery look for a Friday me thinks.

Products used:
MAC Paint - Untitled (as base)
MAC Dovefeather in the inner corner
by Terry Black Grape in the outer corner
Urban Decay liquid liner in Ecstasy
Lancome Hypnose Drama one coat.

Thursday 24 September 2009

Space NK event and EotD

I have an odd relationship with Space.NK.  I love their product ranges, I think the shops are lovely, and they're basically places I should want to spend a lot of time in ... so, why do I so very often find the experience so very frustrating?

Example: last week at the Cheapside branch, I had been greeted five times, and asked if I wanted help six times before I'd even got past the first display counter, a couple of times by people actually standing next to each other.  I'd actually gone in for something specific, so politely declined offers of advice, and made my way to the Lipstick Queen stand.  Then of course, because that display is in the furthest, darkest corner of the store, by the time I'd swatched and made my selection the staff were all happily ensconced in applying lipgloss (straight from the testers  - squick!) to themselves, and gossiping about shoes at the front of the shop.  Was anyone interested in taking my money?  It didn't appear so.  It wasn't very busy in there, so I guess they were bored, but after saying excuse me a few times, and being totally ignored,  I walked out.

It's not been an isolated incident, either.  I'm no supermodel,  I'm not hip and trendy, and I'm quite obviously not a yummy mummy with cash to burn, but that's no reason for a shop assistant to write me off. I know my cosmetics. What's more, I spend a lot of money on them, and further, I'm a personal shopper who knows lots of other people who want to spend their money on beauty products ... Because I may not look like a particular demographic doesn't mean I should be treated like crap in a shop.  Any shop.

On the other hand, I've had wonderful service from them in some stores (I'm thinking Kensington and Covent Garden in particular) and I've even been offered jobs with them!  It's just such a lottery as to whether you're going to get the bored, sulky, snobby staff, or the knowledgeable and welcoming members of the team.

With that in mind, it was with hugely mixed feelings that I popped along to the InStyle Space.NK  shopping event last night.  But, on the whole, I enjoyed it a great deal.  Granted, it could have been better organised - could have been a LOT better organised - but the lashings of champagne kind of made up for that.  I had a wonderful mini-facial using Essential Herbology products (which I'm definitely going to be researching further in the future!), but I was a bit aggravated that the lack of organisation meant that not everyone - including myself - got to have a makeover, if they wanted one.

We got goodie bags:

Which were nice, but I'm having a hard time seeing how it's £95 worth of products!  Four cleansers, three moisturisers (would have been nice to have more, I'm in the market for a new moisturiser at the moment) four perfumes, a pack of cleansing wipes, a muslin cloth, and a lot of sachets.

I did succumb, and buy an By Terry eyeshadow, Black Grape (£21.53) as it's a gorgous colour in the pot.  Not entirely sure it works quite the same on the eye, what do you think?


Monday 21 September 2009


I'm going to spend a few hours this week playing with these:

Can't wait!  Loving the look of the reds  - and the greens - in the palette.  And so many shades of grey, which sounds like it should be boring, but I think grey is one of the most versatile colours you can have in your makeup bag.

Also this week, I'm off to beauty events at Space NK, and Benefit, looking forward to it a great deal, and I'll report back as soon as I get a chance ...

Sunday 20 September 2009

Makeover: Jane

Meet Jane:

Jane is a good friend of mine, and she's kindly agreed to be my first model in my makeover series.  Jane's 47, works in a University, and has amazing bone structure.  Ordinarily, Jane doesn't wear much make-up beyond a touch of mascara and some Vaseline on her lips, and today we are going to create a glamorous and sophisticated evening look.

The first thing to do is to even out skin-tone with a touch of base, Jane is a little prone to high colour around her cheeks, nose and forehead, so we concentrated on those areas:

We used MAC stick foundation here in NC25, and I used that as a concealer in the corners of her eyes, and a touch of matching MAC Concealer underneath her eyes too. In order to counteract Jane's natural tendency to redness, I used Benefit Bluffdust to set and finish off the base.

Here's how Jane looked after some serious blending:

Jane has beautiful blue eyes, but they need a little more framing, so before we got started on her eyes properly, I filled in her eyebrows a little using Bobbi Brown Blonde eyeshadow:

Just a dab'll do ya ...

For Jane's lids, I used Bobbi Brown Champagne Truffle shimmer wash, with Stone to define the crease:

In the flesh, the Champagne is actually more of a golden-apricot shade which complements Jane's eyes perfectly.  I then went on and added Chocolate as an eyeliner, and finished with two coats of Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara.

To finish, I added MAC Blushbaby, and a touch of Bare Escentuals Clear radiance to Jane's cheeks, and for her lips, we used Estee Lauder lipstick in Sugar Honey:

Presto!  A lovely, sophisticated - glowing! - look, that can be toned down slightly for the daytime too.

Here's the obligatory soft focus glamour shot:

All photos - except the last - shot in pure daylight and unretouched.

Many thanks to Jane for being so patient and lovely, here's hoping you enjoyed it!

Saturday 19 September 2009

Stash! Ah - ah ...

Apologies for the Flash Gordon reference there ...

I've had a really busy week (finishing one job, and preparing to start another) so there's been very little blogging, but I'm gearing up for the first in my sets of makeovers tomorrow, and I thought you might like to see some of the stuff I'll be using ... Click on the photo for an enlarged version.

I've spent a few happy hours today researching the look I'm planning for tomorrow. This has mainly consisted of me digging out my copies of Making Faces, and Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin (and wondering where the hell my copy of The Art of Make Up is, to boot), and I've been happily ensconced in looking at the pictures, reading his wonderfully enthusiastic prose and wondering which looks I can recreate.  Kevyn is probably the first make up artist I became aware of, and his love of women's beauty, particularly the beauty of more mature women is evident on every single page.  There are more make up artists I admire these days, but Kevyn is responsible for my love of changing people's looks, and it's kind of his fault that I do what I do.

More tomorrow.

Monday 14 September 2009

Makeover: Seona

This is the first of what I'm hoping is going to be a regular series from now on. Every week or so, I'll find a willing victi ... er ... volunteer, and invite them to the Get Lippie HQ, for a beauty consultation and make over. As the sessions won't be beginning for a few days, I hope you'll forgive me for using an oldie - but a goodie - to start.

Meet Seona:

Seona got married almost two years ago, and I was lucky enough to be able to do her makeup for the ceremony. There was a lot of champagne involved, so I thought this was a appropriate "before" shot ...

On the day, Seona wanted a natural, but visible make up. Eschewing the traditional "bridal pastels" so many brides are forced to think are obligatory on their big day, we decided to go with a lightly smokey eye, and a glossy subtly red lip.

The most important consideration for me was that Seona felt comfortable in her look, that it complement her dress, and that the bride would look stunning on her big day.

Seona has amazing eyes, they're blue, but with beautiful yellow speckles in them, and I wanted to make these her main feature. So, after sorting out her base (Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturising Balm in Light), then powdering it down, I concentrated on using golds, browns and bronzes to make the most of her beautiful eyes:

Here I am demonstrating ... something. Apparently. Actually, I have no idea what I'm doing here, but I'm seemingly contractually obliged to have this photo in this post, or else.

Insert the obligatory "blushing bride" comment here:

Adding the lips:

And here's the finished look:

So there you go, my handiwork in action. Further makeovers will have slightly more focus on how I go about creating the look itself (and fewer shots of the back of my head), but this was one of the most enjoyable days of my career so far, and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Many thanks to Seona and Sally Langstaff for letting me use these beautiful pictures.

Saturday 12 September 2009

Review - Eyeshadow Primers - The Results!

So, some 13 hours wear later, here's how we're looking:

There's some significant fading on both, but this is an eyeshadow that lasts an hour, maybe two without a primer, so that's only to be expected. Both also have creasing, but again, on an eyeshadow that ordinarily simply disappears into the ether, this is really to be expected.

If I were judging this simply on end-of-the-day looks, I'd have to declare Urban Decay the outright winner. However ... the skin on my left eye (with the UD) simply isn't as comfortable on the right, it feels a bit drier, and tauter, somehow. The MAC eye (on the left there) feels like I have nothing at all on my skin. When I went to blend these creases back in, I found that the UD eye stayed firmly creased, but with the MAC one, it was still possible to get rid of the line. This all makes the winner tougher to call than I expected ...

Urban Decay definitely makes your make up last longer, there's no doubt about that. But, this longevity at the cost of a certain amount of comfort, and there's the fact that you have to be quick, and certain, with your application, as once your make up is on, it's not going to be moved.

So, let's break it down in marks out of ten for the specifics:

MAC - 8/10 - cute "oil-paint" tubes!
Urban Decay 6/10 - packaging that makes it impossible to get the last few applications out. I've had to cut tubes open before now.

MAC - 8/10 - Just a tiny dab on your fingertip will do both eyelids
Urban Decay- 8/10 - sponge tip applicator spreads product evenly over eyelids.

Colour Trueness
MAC - 7/10 - Colour trueness was good, in isolation, but ...
Urban Decay - 9/10 - not as good as the Urban Decay.

MAC - 7/10 - once colour was on the eye, it was fairly easy to blend in, and add more, if needed.
Urban Decay - 3/10 - colour could be blended, but only with a LOT of effort, and if you added too much, well, you were stuck with it, unless you wanted to remove it and start all over again.

MAC - 7/10 - Definitely faded, and creased by the end of the evening. But shadow and liner, still visible!
Urban Decay - 9/10 - Definitely kept your makeup (and it's creases!) in place. This baby was going nowhere!

MAC - 8/10 - didn't make make up feel heavy, and stayed comfortable throughout the day
Urban Decay - 6/10 - no heaviness, but the eyelid definitely felt drier as the evening wore on.

MAC 45/60
Urban Decay - 41/60

So, our winner is:

MAC by a very small margin! MAC's ease of use and comfort just edged it as the winner for me, over UD's poor packaging design, and lack of blendability. Sorry Urban Decay!

Review - Eyeshadow Primers

Today, I've decided to to a side-by-side product test. Two of my all time favourite products are MAC Paint (which I use as an eyeshadow primer, as well as a colour) and Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer. Up until now, I'd be hard pressed to say which was better, so I'm trying them both out at the same time, with an eyeshadow that I already now disappears in the blink of an eye ... so here goes:

WARNING: This post will contain pictures of me without makeup.

Stage one: In which our blogger goes barefaced

At this stage, what I mainly notice is that I've neglected to groom my eyebrows, no matter, won't be making that mistake again! What I also notice is that the MAC Paint on my right eye (left on these pics) reflects the light a little more than the Urban Decay primer on the left eye (right in these pics), I think this is because there is a little hint of shimmer and pigment in the MAC, which the UD is missing.

Stage Two: Wherein the experiment begins in earnest

At this stage, with both eyes open, there is little difference, but with my eyes closed, you can see that the UD primer is definitely better at grabbing the pigment, and the colour is truer. I'm using a loose shadow from Bare Essentials (Smoked Clay), which is a nice greenish grey, but that's hard to pick up with your brush. However, there is a price to pay for this extra pigment being visible, as you'll see in the next stage.

Stage Three: Wherein the colour deepens

I thought that the shadow I was using was too wishy-washy in the first pics, so decided to go for another layer of colour. When applying this, I realise that the Urban Decay is damned difficult to blend over. In fact, it's damn near impossible to blend over after it's had a chance to set for a minute or two. This means that there is a visible line in my socket-crease on my left eye (on the right there), which I'm finding infuriating. Blending is important, vitally important, to any good make up, and the Urban Decay simply won't let you do it.

Stage Four: In which my mascara is uneven.

Here, I've finished adding my eyeliner, and just wanted to see what the difference was between no mascara and one layer of Hypnose Drama (upper, pic) and with two layers of mascara (lower). What it has done is highlighted the fact that I have thicker lashes on my right eye, but longer lashes on my left. I'll be sticking with one coat from now on, I think.

Stage five : in which the finishing touches are revealed

I got around to powdering, adding blush and putting on some lipstick (Ellis Faas in L307, a lovely glossy coral shade) but not fixing that damn eyebrow. That's obviously why I'm looking so unhappy.

Stage six: In which your blogger fixes her hair, and her expression
There we go, I've covered up my pointy spock-ears, and am feeling more human again.


At the moment, they're fairly evenly matched. Whilst you do get a better coverage, and colour trueness with the Urban Decay, this is outweighed with the MAC Paint being easier to blend with. Now, I'm going to see how this look lasts throughout the day, and report back.

Products used:
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
MAC Paint in Untitled
Bare Essentials powder shadow in Smoked Clay
Revlon Wet/Dry Liner in Chocolate
Lancome Hypnose Drama in Black
Bare Essentials Blusher in Poppy
Benefit Bluff Dust face powder
Ellis Faas Glossy Lip in L307

Thursday 10 September 2009

Review - REN Rose Otto Bath Oil

It's been a funny old week. I got a job offer out of the blue, which caused much soul-searching as I've only just started a new job. This new job offer comes with a shorter commute, more money, and it's back in the industry I love ... A hard decision had to be made - do I leave my cushy new job, and go back to the private sector, or do I stay and spend the next six months wondering if I've made the wrong decision? - and I needed some help making it. After consulting everyone I could get hold of by phone, then asking my adorable Twitter followers what I should do, AND after talking to my boss, I was still at a bit of a loss.

So, I took a bath.

Now, I love baths at the best of times, but, when I'm a bit flummoxed, or just need to escape from the cares of reality for a couple of hours the bath is usually where you'll find me. I do a lot of my best thinking in there, it's a peaceful and comforting place for me. I actually find showers stress me out a little bit, funny but true.

Now, I wanted a nice bath, I needed a nice bath. Then I remembered that last week, I got a parcel of REN goodies from Puresha, so I decided to crack open the Rose Otto bath oil. I confess, I've had a bottle of this before, but it's good stuff. Beyond good stuff, actually. It makes your entire house smell like a rose garden just after a shower of rain, and the smell lingers for hours. It leaves your skin lightly moisturised, and, because the oil disperses entirely into the water, it doesn't leave a greasy ring around the bath, nor will you have an oil-slick on the surface of the water whilst you're in there. I hate that so much when it happens.

A couple of hours later, I had a decision made, and was feeling heaps better. REN don't make any claims for aromatherapy effects from this product, but it certainly helped me relax, and all in all, was probably better for me than the several glasses of wine that I would have ordinarily used to chill out ...

I took the job.


Just to see if I can:

Here's my new hair colour. Yes, it's out of focus, many apologies.
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