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Sunday 17 April 2016

Skincare of the Week 17 April 2016

I'm still playing "Eenie, meenie, minie, mo" with my skincare at the moment, luckily, it's all tried and tested stuff that I know works with my skin, so there's been no irritation, in spite of my background level of stress still being on the high side (year end will do that to you).  Mostly this week, I've been welcoming back Kate Somerville Goat Cream - and attempting to buy the new Goat Cream Cleanser and Eye Balm from Sephora with NO LUCK whatsoever.   I love Goat Cream, it doesn't matter what state my skin is in, or what state my life is in, Goat Cream always soothes and leaves me looking (slightly) more human.  It's a little too heavy for wear in the warmest of weather though, so I'll be making the most of it for a week or too more, then hoping to find a suitable moisturiser for the summer months.

Mostly, I'm hoping to get back into a proper skincare - and blogging! - routine soon, at the moment, I'm suffering because I don't have a space to take photos just yet, and ... I haven't finished unpacking!

How's your week been? 

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Monday 11 April 2016

LipsNspritz of the Week 10/04/2016

Seven days of lipstick and fragrance 10.04.2016 Get Lippie

I have been parted from my favourite lipsticks for far too long* now, and have spent this week doing a random kind of "lucky dip" with my pot of "second favourite" lipsticks, which I keep stored in a lego storage case as compensation.  Truly, I am one of the coolest people on earth, let's face it.  I love my lego-head storage though ...

Monday morning after a full house move meant I wanted to wear something light and fun, not in the slightest bit serious, but still lovely, and Ananas Fizz from L'Artisan Perfumer fit the brief perfectly, as it smells of pineapple chunks in their juice.  Fizzy, fruity, fun, and completely discontinued, alas.  I wore it with Clinique's All Heart, which isn't really a second-best lipstick, but I do have two of them ...

Tuesday I was in a springy Tom Ford kind of mood, so I dug out  Ombre de Hyacinth, a soapy-green and clean floral, that is a breath of fresh air, after the long, long winter we've had. I found my long-misplaced Tainted Love lip and cheek stain this week, do determined to wear this lovely sheer wine shade as I move (slightly) away from winter opaques.

Wednesday I went to a perfume launch in the evening, so wanted something lovely, that doesn't draw too much attention to itself, so I chose Clair de Musc by Serge Lutens, because I love it a great deal, it smells of warm skin, talcum powder, loving hugs and just a hint of nostalgia.  Because I'm irrational, however, I paired it with Rouge Orage from Chanel, a medium-neutral red.

On Thursday, I wore a fragrance from the launch I'd attended the night before - something that very rarely happens - as I fell totally in love at first sniff with this one. Safran Rare by Amouroud, a buttery-soft chamois-leather fragrance, with hints of oud and spices won't be released until July (at Harrods) and I'll have a full review for you in a week or so.  I recommend you check the brand out even if you're an oud-hater, or are "over" the oud "trend", the whole range is that good, even for the oud-phobic.  Also, the price-point for a new niche brand is a good one, these big bottles will be £145, which when you consider that even the dreckiest department store brand is coming in around £70 these days, looks incredibly well-thought out. Lipstick was Chanel Passion, a bright red, because I felt like it.

On Friday I had some big meetings, and wanted not to look or smell threatening or disturbing, so I picked out one of my favourite colognes: Andy Tauer's Cologne du Maghreb, a citrus with good lasting power.  I paired it up with History by No7, which was from the limited edition collection Boots did with Poppy King a couple of years ago.  A sheer soft red, this is just lovely.

And finally, on Saturday I was just opening and unpacking cardboard box after cardboard box after cardboard box, so I wore just a bit of lip balm (my favourite Nuxe de Miel) and a spritz or two of Aqua Manda which is a lovely reminder of years gone by.  I love the retro-style packaging too, the orange and brown reminds me of the seventies so much!

What've you been wearing? 

 *About a week, in actuality

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Sunday 10 April 2016

Skincare of the Week 10/04/2016

Skincare from Omorovicza, Votary, La Roche Posay, Murad, Tata Harper, Indeed Labs,

It's taken me a while, but I've finally managed to get my broadband connected, and unpack some skincare!  Moving to a new house is always stressful, but I had somehow managed to schedule my move for the beginning of a new financial year, and the end of my probationary period at work.  As I'm an accountant, April is a pretty busy month anyway, but ... anyway.  Never again.

Skincare-wise, I've been using pretty much everything in my day-to-day collection this week, as I've been happy to be reunited with it - we've been living out of boxes for so long now, it's felt a bit like emerging from a cardboard forest!  - but the two products I've used most are the Zelens Best Defence Antioxidant serum, and the Omorovicza Omoressence.  I'm a big fan of the Antioxidant Serum anyway - as you can probably tell from the amount left in the bottle - and I use this a minimum of three times a week, and it's great for slightly sensitised skin, and feels very protecting.  It has been really cold this week, and I really do find this protecting.

The Omorovicza Omoressence, I love.  I was initially sceptical - I do find Omorovicza can overclaim somewhat on their product descriptions - but I do love the velvety-feeling I get after using this, and it does seem to keep my face calm.  I'll be doing a full review of this soon, but I genuinely really like it.  No a huge fan of the glass bottle - it has a shaker, and it can get slippery, but a great product inside.

Other things I've tried this week include the Murad Colour Correcting Moisturiser.  I'm very pink-toned naturally, and this light  green moisturiser helps tone that down slightly.  In conjunction with a slightly yellow-toned powder, it works really well.  I'm not entirely sure it's moisturising enough, but a few more uses should help me figure that out.

Reviews will remain a bit patchy whilst I get myself - and the new flat - organised, but I'm BACK!  For more regular updates, you can find me at least three times a day over on Instagram.

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