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Thursday 19 January 2012

GHD Deluxe Scarlet Collection

GHD sent me a Christmas present this year - their "so gorgeous it actually hurts" Scarlet Collection Deluxe hair straightener set.  Housed in an Art Deco box, the set contains:

A beautiful red satin gift box, perfectly accented with fan designs.  Inside that box you have:

A glorious Deco-accented "handbag" that contains:

A brand new GHD Styler, accented with red plates, and underneath that, there's a handy-dandy travel size hairdryer with an adjustable handle.  The bag does double duty as a straightener holder - it's heat proof - and also contains two hair sectioning clips.  I was pleased to see that GHD have added a cover to their straighteners this time around, very handy.

Made to GHDs usual exacting standards, the straighteners are just what we've come to expect, heating up quickly, and straightening hair in a matter of  minutes.  GHD claim the plates contain a "secret ingredient" to keep the hair shiny!

This is a limited edition collection, and currently retails at £149.  Personally, I think it'd make a perfect Valentine's present, if I didn't have it already, I'd be dropping some hints, I can tell you ...

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