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Tuesday 17 January 2012

No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream

BB Creams, you'll be hearing a lot about these this year, you mark my words.  I've used a couple of BB (Blemish Balm - contrary to the name, they're not actually just to be used on troubled skin)-style creams already, and I haven't been that impressed with them to be honest, they've just been tinted moisturisers that someone has slapped the BB label on.

BB Creams are meant to be an all-in-one product, crossing the boundary between skincare and cosmetic, and taking the place of moisturiser, serum, primer and foundation.  So, how does this one from No7 measure up?

Well, the answer is, extremely well, actually.  I have combination skin, oily in some places and dry in others, and  was sent the normal/dry cream to trial, in the shade fair.  As you can see from the above pictures, the No7 BB cream is on the thick side, and on initially squeezing from the tube (you need to shake it first), it  feels very rich and nourishing.

It soon sheers out though:

At first, I thought this was a little dark for my pale skin, but it blends in very nicely, and leaves a very nice sheer, dewy finish.

I've found that the coverage is quite buildable, and it covers my red bits quite nicely, especially if I put a little extra over any particularly stubbornly flushed areas. I don''t really need to powder over it, and I haven't felt the need to put foundation over the top, which is almost unheard of.

Whilst you can use it without serum or moisturiser underneath - I have trialled it both with and without, it was perfectly fine either way - in this cold weather, I do still layer a little (but less than usual)  cream underneath, just for a little added protection from the cold.  That's just my choice though. In summer, I'd probably be happy to wear this entirely alone, it has five star UVA coverage, and contains a factor 15 sunscreen too, which is very handy!

I've found that it lasts very well, and in fact lasts a lot better than foundations costing two or three times the modest price of £12.95. It certainly it stands up to the rigours of driving a desk in my office, so all in all, I'm very impressed!  No flare ups, no scaly patches, no wishing for more coverage.  No zits! I'll be honest, I don't think the tube will last that long - you do tend to use more than you would a normal foundation, as you're using it as moisturiser as well - but at this price, it's quite hard to argue that it's a problem.

And we all know I'm not easily impressed ... 

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  1. Hmmm I'm really interested in this but the fair shade is going to look so, so dark on me!


  2. I am impressed that you are not easily impressed and yet you are impressed by this...have been very sceptical about this BB cream thing but will now check it out in Boots, thanks for this!

  3. Ooooh this looks interesting i will definately give this a go, is it out yet?

  4. Must must must try this one. I am a big fan of bb creams. Lovely lighting again, gorgeous photos!
    liloo /@tsunimee xx

  5. no7 always surprises me with their products. Very impressed with a serum I bought a year ago and the lip pencils. Actually everything I have ever tried from them has been a hit. Im just a bit pathetic and like nicer packaging!!

  6. Such a shame that this is so dark... Definitely not fair enough for me, and I was planning on trying it out.

  7. Ooh now this looks promising. I've been a bit disappointed with the BB creams I've tried as they've been too sheer and made me shiny but this looks good. Think I'll have to give this a go. Thanks!


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