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Wednesday 4 January 2012

By Terry - Rouge Terrybly 203 Fanatic Red & 304 Cherry Cherry

First off, Terrybly is a dreadful, dreadful, dreadful name for a diffusion range of cosmetics.  Especially a diffusion range that is, in actual fact, more expensive than the original line ...

Right, that off my chest, lets have some lipstick porn, for these are the most beautifully packaged lipsticks in all of creation:

These are gorgeous, weighty and glamorous to carry around, particularly in their little silk bags. So, what are the shades like?  Here you go:

 And with flash:

Yes, I went for brights, and what beautiful brights they are.  A wonderous deep blood-red and fuchsia.  Ah, fuchsia, how I've missed you and your hard to spell ways ... I love the retro-80's nature of the fuchsia shade!  I had this one applied at an event before Christmas, and immediately had to ask the team to open up the tills so I could purchase one ... I'm easily led, what can I say?

Natural Light:

And with flash:

These are very emollient - By Terry wax lyrical about "Lumilip" technology on the packaging, without, of course, mentioning what it is, but I think it has something to do with rubies.  These shades do, in fact, have a glow about them, and I enjoy wearing them a great deal.

However, they cost £31 each, which is on a par with Tom Ford (£36), so are they as good?  Well, yes and no, to be honest.  On the packaging side, I'd say the Rouge Terrybly win.  I know everyone goes on about the click of the Tom Ford lipsticks when you close them, but I don't think they're particularly inspiring personally, nice, yes, but ... I prefer the Terrybly.  When it comes to performance, well, Tom Ford wins hands down.

When I bought these lipsticks, I was told that they wouldn't wear off, they were longlasting, and wouldn't leave a ring of doom.  Well, all of these claims are untrue.  They're no more longlasting than any other lipstick, and they do wear off within a couple of hours of applying (you'll be finding lipstick stains on everything for days afterwards), and as for a ring of doom, well ... RING OF DOOM might be better putting it!

Serves me right for listening to a pushy sales assistant, I guess.  More fool Get Lippie.

All that said, I do like these lipsticks a great deal, they're moisturising, and they're wonderful colours in great packaging, but they're not a groundbreaking formula, they have average (very average) staying power and aren't really any better than other lipsticks in their price range, but they are pretty.  Very pretty ...

The Fine Print: Purchases.  Lovely, lovely not-at-all longlasting, impulse purchases.

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  1. These do look pretty, but I hear you on that awful, AWFUL name. Even if it were spelled correctly and not trying to play off the brand's name, Terribly is just a horrid name for cosmetic products :P

  2. Oh that red looks phenomenal, but I must admit the name has put me off thus far. I think I'll stick to my Tom Ford lippies. Like I *need* an excuse ;) xx

  3. Must resist urge to splurge on more red lippie...eee..but oh so tempting after seeing your pics...dammit! *runs off to "look" at the range*

    Hope you had a good xmas :) x


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