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Tuesday 24 January 2012

Hourglass Cosmetics - Suede and Fresco

I was in Liberty the other day and I got mugged. Mugged at the Hourglass counter. Okay, they didn't really mug me, but I did come away from them £50 lighter in the purse, and slightly dazed-looking.  I've been reading about Hourglass a lot over the last while, and I thought it was time I tried them out for myself.   I picked up their eyeshadow duo in Suede, and their lipstick in Fresco.

I adore their metallic brown packaging:

It's heavy and luxurious, and really innovative, as we'll see.  First off, let's take a look at the eyeshadows:

Yes, they're neutrals. It surprised me too - I'm such a fan of sludge that it's really difficult to move out of that comfort zone sometimes.  So, Suede comprises a cream, and a light cafe au lait shade, perfect for a no-makeup look.  I figured I could use the cream all over the mobile lid and the cafe au lait in the crease for contouring.  I was surprised on swatching at just how pigmented the shades actually were (which is what led to me the purchase, if I'm being honest):

As you can see, the shades go well with my neutral skintone, and they contain a slight - sophisticated - shimmer.  From left to right you can see cream, cafe au lait and then I mixed the cream and the cafe together to see how they would look.  I can see I'm going to get an eyemakeup look that will go well with bolder lipsticks with this duo.  The shadows are creamy and easy to blend.

But another look at the packaging.  At the top of the post you can see the closed compact, but what makes this one different is the pivot in the middle, meaning you can turn the top around:

Or you can close it with the mirror outward to form a handy mirror for your makeup bag:

Now onto the lipstick.  Fresco is a neutral rosy mauve, and it was the first lipstick on the display to really catch my eye:

There's possibly a hint of brown in there too, but it's not too overwhelming.  I love the square tip, which is unusual, but I find it actually aids in application, you can get a really defined lipline without having to use a lipliner.

On me, this is a "My Lips But Better" shade, and one that will work well with smokier eyemakeup looks.

Here's how it looks with Suede:

 And here is how it looks on my lips (with flash, and without):

Texture-wise, this is comparable to my beloved Chantecaille Lip Chics, only with a deeper level of opacity.  The Lip Chics are sheer, but I'd say the levels of pigmentation and comfort in wear are on a par. And hey!  The Hourglass is £6 cheaper than the Chantecaille.  Plus, did I mention the lipstick is refillable?  Very handy.  
Hourglass cosmetics are available at Liberty or online from Zuneta, the lipsticks are £22, and the eyeshadow duos are £28.  

The Fine Print:  Purchases. Spur of the moment purchases.  I wasn't actually mugged.  Unless MrLippie is reading, in which case they were a present from the makeup fairies.

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  1. Did you get mugged by Mel? I struggle to visit Liberty without coming away with something new from Hourglass! I have both of these items and completely agree with your reviews. Fresco is a real go to lipstick for me.

  2. I get mugged at Bobbi Brown all the time :( this range looks gorgeous, I'll definitely be looking into it xx

  3. I must confess that I was almost mugged by Hourglass not a few hours ago...I held strong, but these swatches see my weakening...

  4. The texture and the colour of the lipstick look very nice, definitely a shade I'd wear a lot. I've only tried the Hourglass crease brush and primer so far but will probably get a lipstick or an eyeshadow palette in the future.

  5. i LOVE hourglass products but I feel the exact same way. It's hard to come away from the counter without feeling mugged.

  6. I wore Fresco today, I love it and I'm planning to buy more HG lippies. I have Dune duo and I'm not that impressed with it...I think I expected more!


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