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Monday 30 January 2012

Lipstick of the Week - Mauve

Yes, Lipstick of the Week is a bit late this week - I was having a little rant yesterday, instead - but, better late than never, I always say.  I've been setting myself weekly challenges this year, and I won't lie, I found "mauve" a bit more challenging than I expected to.  I genuinely thought I had more mauve shades than this, but hey! Shopportunity!

 Anyway, here's the line up:

Chantecaille Lip Chic in Tea Rose - I've raved about this before.  Chantecaille lipsticks are, for me, simply one of the greatest lipstick formulations ever.  As comfortable as pure silk for the lips.
Bourjois Effect 3d Max in Brun Entincalent - I love Bourjois lipglosses, cheap as chips and as good a formulation as glosses costing two or three times as much.  This one has a dinky "spatula"-style applicator, and simple things like that really amuse me.
Chanel Rouge Coco in Bonheur - Another one I've blogged about before, and a bit of cheat for this week as it is a little to berry-pink to be considered a mauve, as you'll see in the swatches.
Bourjois Effet 3d Balm Action gloss in Brun Rose Academic - Perfect!  A lipgloss that thinks it's smarter than I am.  Admittedly, it's probably right, but still ...
Trish McEvoy Lipliner in Bare -I wore this under the smarty pants lipgloss above.  It's a very good lipliner and I wear it a lot with all kinds of shades, as it matches my lips very well indeed.
Hourglass Lipstick in Fresco - A recent acquisition, and one I like a great deal.  Click on the link to read and see more about this one.
Christian Dior Diorific in Mystic Mauve - Oh God.  I used to love, love, love this one. It's the only opaque lip product on this page, and it was just so WRONG. Far too brown and it looked like the nineties had called and wanted me to look wrong. 

 I did some swatches.  You want to see swatches, right?  Well, you're getting them anyway:  As always, with flash, and then in natural light:

Yes, that is my computer desktop in the background, and yes, it is my blog logo.  Branding, that is.  Not just a pretty face, me.
 As you can see Bonheur sticks out like a sore thumb, as far too pink.  The three swatches in the middle are Brun Academic, the Trish McEvoy pencil, and the Brun Academic over the Trish McEvoy pencil, by the way.

I might do the next couple of weeks by brand instead of colour.  Any suggestions, please? 

The Fine Print: I bought all bar one of these.  I LIKE mauve.  Sue me.

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  1. Pretty, pretty lipsticks.

    Great minds think alike - I'm also swatching all my lipsticks (well, and the rest of my makeup) by color family!


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