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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Essie Fall 2011 - Carry On Collection

Who could resist a nail collection named Carry On?  Not me, it seems ... Sadly, this latest collection from Essie is named after carry-on luggage, which, when I figured it out, made me very unhappy.  C'mon British brands!  We need Carry on Sergeant (blue), Carry on Camping (pink, natch) and Carry on Screaming (vampy red), and Carry on up the Khyber (ummm ... khaki, yes, that's it, KHAKI), at the very least!  I DEMAND it.


So yeah, Essie Carry On is a selection of mainly dusty shades, and the second I set eyes on them, I couldn't resist:

Carry On: a blackened purple-berry, 
Very Structured: a tan (odd one out this one, if you ask me), 
Glamour Purse: a greyed out taupe, 
Power Clutch: a deep green with more than just a hint of grey, 
Case Study: a pale camel, 
and Lady Like: a rather dusty pink.  They're all cream finishes - no shimmer

I picked these up at Pro-Beauty Olympia this weekend, and the first thing I did was swatch them all on my new nail wheels.  Oddly, I find painting nail swatches on wheels strangely calming,  am I crazy?

These polishes were all opaque in two coats - a surprise to me, as I normally find Essie polishes very sheer.  The nail wheel shows three coats though, for, whilst I find painting nail swatches relaxing, I am still a cack-handed muppet at heart, and truth be told I smudged a couple of them.  However a third coat levelled them out nicely.

The shade I ended up wearing though - surprisingly for me - was Lady Like, as I'd assumed it was the one colour in the bunch that'd give me trouble.  I was wrong, I like it a lot:

No Flash
The no flash pic above makes the shade seem a little more flesh-like than it is in actuality, the flash pic is actually a more accurate representation of the colour, it's very much a pink, but the hint of grey-mauve in the base means it doesn't appear chalky.  I hate chalky shades more than anything.  The pic shows two coats of polish with a topcoat.

What's your favourite?  And, what shades would you put in a "real" Carry On-inspired collection?

The Fine Print: Purchase.  One should never buy polish just because you like the name.  Let that be a lesson to you.

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  1. Haha, you're not crazy - I find painting fake nails/nail wheels/etc very calming, too! (Or perhaps we're both just crazy.)

    Love the look of Lady Like. The mauvey undertones are just gorgeous!

  2. Definately like Lady Like :-)

  3. Hey :)) Fab post!!!

    I have Ladylike on my nails today, its such a pretty colour :))
    Its a great Nude shade without making me have that dead nail look.

    Have a fab day xxx

  4. I really like all of these colour. Though possibly with the exception of Case Study which I think would be a very good Up the Khyber shade....

  5. Hope we can get them here, I love them all. Carry On enabling ;)

  6. what a difference between the flash and no flash one. both absolutely gorgeous either way.

  7. Love Very Structured and Power Clutch! Thanks for the swatches!


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