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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Guerlain Christmas - Rouge G Lipstick: Gardner

Anyone who knows me knows I love me a Guerlain Rouge G or three.  Or four. Every time I get asked what my favourite lipsticks are, the Guerlain Rouge G's are always in the top five - depending on what I've been wearing in the previous weeks, that is!  I love the funky-futuristic packaging, the shades and most of all, I love the formula. I also like the fact that they allegedly make an effective mini-weapon when launched at someone's head*.  I was therefore delighted to see that Guerlain were introducing another Rouge G with their Christmas collection, and ecstatic when I discovered that it was red ...  Say hello to Gardner:

A soft "brick" red, Gardner is definitely on the warm side, plus there's a healthy dose of golden shimmer in the formula that you can see better here:

Check the reflection to see the shimmer.

I couldn't keep Gardner away from the camera:

It's a gorgeous shade, and I couldn't wait to wear it, the swatch pulls a little orange on the hand, but as my skin runs a little warm, that's no bad thing:

It's the usual glossy satin formula, that, as always from Guerlain, melds with the lips rather than sits on them in a greasy layer like some high end formulas.

Definitely a shade I'm going to get a heap of wear out of this autumn.

*No lippies (or Lippies, come to that) harmed in the writing of this post.

The Fine Print: PR Sample.  Wonky lips, all my own work.

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  1. Oooh what a unique colour. I don't have anything quite like that :)

  2. never had a Guerlain lippie; now of course I NEED one. Now.

  3. It's pretty and I like the packaging! :-)

  4. This is going to sound really odd but the colour reminds me of 'push pops' - the lipstick style sweet candy that popped up out of it's packaging (back in the 80's/90's). The strawberry one was similar to that colour! This one is of course looks much more stunning on the lips - I love the gold flecks and it's a lovely warm colour. Autumn here we come!X

  5. That colour really suits you. I've yet to buy a Rouge G but I'm always tempted as the packaging and colours look so good.


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