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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Kenzo Homme Woody EDT

So, I let MrLippie off the leash with a new aftershave the other week, and this is what he came up with:
MrLippie says: I'm back! And I have yet another fragrance to rave about! Kenzo Homme came in the post the other week (as an afterthought/bonus to something Get Lippie herself was expecting),and it immediately grabbed my attention.
The packaging is understated, with the box being white with a soft focus photo of a bamboo section. uber-manly connections so far, nor the complete minimalism of brands like Armani Code.
So, what's in the box?
The bottle is trying to continue the suggestion of bamboo, being at a slight angle, with the leaf inscribed upon it, and the lid at a an angle which continues the Far Eastern association. For me, this is quite effective, as the imagery manages to evoke Feudal Japan - with the whole package of Samurai, Ninjas, etc - thankfully I never got trapped into Manga - otherwise there'd be all sorts of other weird images in here too!
Right, onto the scent itself. The initial notes are citrussy - but it's subtle, rather than overpowering. There's an intriguing fresh scent at the back - a study of the ingredients list suggests that it's either one of cinammon or coumarin.
Over time, the citrus fades - and it's the freshness that remains. I have to say, Kenzo Homme has rapidly forced itself into my conciousness - when I first smelt this, it completely grabbed me by the throat, took me outside, beat me with a crowbar, and attached electrodes to various sensitive parts of my body and injected me with hallucinogenic drugs until I begrudgingly agreed to wear it for the next couple of weeks. Or maybe that didn't happen at all....
Get Lippie says: I am assured by various agencies that no hallucinogenics were harmed in either the writing of this review, or the manufacture of this fragrance. 
That out of the way, this is an extremely nice, woody, surprisingly non-sporty and un-stereotypical male fragrance.  I like it a great deal, it suits MrL very well, it's warm, and quite sexy, and doesn't smell typically "male high street fragrance".  I guess there will be a back up purchase of this in the near future, as I suspect someone has been drinking it...
The Fine Print: Unexpected - and rather nice - PR sample.

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  1. It's funny, after years of wearing the Kenzo, I really never bothered to sniff the the men's fragrances. I really like the sound of this and I think it's something that Mr. MB would really like. Christmas sorted then ;)


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