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Monday 7 November 2011

Model's Own Beetlejuice Giveaway

Hello lovelies!

Whilst I'm waiting for my broadband to be re-re-connected (I've tried blogging from a dongle, and it's no fun), I thought I'd do a little giveaway.  Would you like to own the entire Models Own Beetlejuice collection?  Look, they're so pretty!

Yeah, I let some people talk me into buying more of them than I needed, so I thought I'd give my spares to you guys!  I'm nice like that ...

Anyhoo, the rules, leave a comment on this post telling me what kinds of posts you'd like to see when I get back to full-time blogging (which will hopefully be later this week, btw), you must leave either a valid email address, or another way for me to get in touch with you.  You must be a follower on the blog, if you leave a comment here.

Or if you can't be bothered being a blog subscriber, be a twitter follower!  Tweet the following: "Lippie's back, and she's giving stuff away! @Get_Lippie #LippieBeetlejuice".  If you follow in both places, you'll get two entries, and if you only follow on one, you'll get one.

Because of the nature of the prize, this giveaway is open to my UK readers only, I'm afraid.  I'll make the draw (at random) at some point on Monday 14th November, and I'll keep you guys posted ....

The Fine Print: Draw held entirely at the discretion of the blog-owner, who reserves the right to disqualify any entries deemed to be arriving from competition forums and the like.  Blog owners decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

The Further Fine Print: Models Own are entirely unaffiliated with this giveaway, I bought the prizes, and I'll be despatching them too.  Eventually.

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  1. I follow via Melanie'Clare.
    I also follow you on twitter & have tweeted :)

    Thankyou! xxxxxx

  2. I'd love to see favourites posts i.e. favourite eyeliners etc.

    Email address -

    Thanks :)

  3. thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    i'd like to see more notd posts - i'm a nail varnish junkie ;) as well as monthly favourites.

    Veronica xx

  4. oh i would love to see more blogs on how to do different make up things and in particular eyeliner for different eye shapes :-)

  5. I love seeing posts about high-end products because I can't afford them and it somehow makes me feel better ^.^

    I follow via GFC as eRiN and my email is macmahon.erin [at] - I also tweeted!/erinmacmahon/status/133546310593806337

  6. Hellooooo! I follow you both placed and have tweeted to :)

    I love the posts where you have taken the pics - the quality is amazing! Some wintery nails would be nice :)

    Hope you're back to full-time soon.

    My email is

    Thank youuuuu x

  7. Ahh... I was planning to do a giveaway with these but you beat me to it, so I'll enter yours instead!

    I'd like to see some posts about your skincare routine.

    I'm a GFC and Twitter follower & shall tweet now. :)

    Welcome back!

    Nic x

  8. More on JW candles, am after some but not sure what would suit me best!

  9. I'd like to see more NOTD's, nail polish reviews etc, I'm a little obsessed with nail polish at the moment! I follow your blog :)

    Email is and I follow on Twitter and will tweet :)

    I'm lemming this collection SO much xxx

  10. ooh yey!
    what a fab giveaway!
    i already follow u via GFC - charlieswonderland

    followed and tweeted - charlieswonder



  11. I follow as Helly, and also tweeted as @HellBellUk

    Being a nail blogger I'm all about NOTDs and new polish releases so would love for you to post about those :)

    helen_louise_is at

  12. oh and i forgot to add, i love seeing swatches and NOTD posts!!

  13. Hi I follow you on twitter and your blog my email is
    I would like to see more posts on eye shadows because I havent seen an eye shadow post for a long time on blogs.

  14. Id love to see more post about blogging backstage, your thoughts, your tools etc. xxxx

  15. I love reading posts about nail varnish - can't enough of them (or the nail varnish)

    I'd also love to read posts on adding a bit of a twist to a classic look - I spend my days having to look very normal and businesslike!

    I follow via Google Reader at

    Natalie xx

  16. Welcome Back, fab giveaway :)

    I'd like to see more favourites blog posts, but I also love NOTD posts too.

    GFC: Serenity of Beauty
    Twitter: @SerenityofBeaut, and I have tweeted, which you can see here:!/SerenityofBeaut/status/133571717292498944

    - 2 entries


  17. Great to have you back Luce!

    For me I'd like:-

    1. Some 'pocket money' product reviews. I'm far too old for pocket money, but if there's a new hot wonder product for under £10 I'd love to hear if it actually worked rather than just being some Daily Mail based insanity.

    2. Some technique posts, such as different eyeliner styles etc. I must have missed a memo in my formative years as such techniques are a mystery to me.

    3. Luxe products and whether they are actually worth the money.

    Stay as you are, be strong against the PR people and keep telling the truth.

  18. Oooo, sooo pretty!
    Am following your blog and on twitter (cinderzxx)

    Great giveaway hun
    Hope all going well in your new pad!

  19. Great giveaway! Am following you here and on twitter (cinderzxx)

    Hope youre settling in to your new pad!

  20. I would love to hear your tips on covering dark circles. I'm getting married next year and fear the make up artist won't carry anything strong enough

  21. I would love to see more comparison posts... I think they're extremely useful and I love reading them anyway :')

  22. GFC: Harpreet

    I follow and tweeted about this giveaway on Twitter as _Blondie_001

    i would like to see more favourites of the month posts!

  23. I tweeted @Melovemakeup, and I am a blog follower. This is a fab giveaway!

    I think I'd like to see more reviews. I like how honest you are :)

    Sophie xx

  24. I would love to see some Christmas themed posts whether it be makeup, nails or outfits. I am getting so excited already!

  25. ooh those look gorgeous!

    i'd like to see some favourites post, maybe like top 5 lushers/ eyeshadows/ liners etc :) x

  26. I would like to see some budget anti-ageing skincare recommendations. Great giveaway!


  27. Welcome back!! I love your perfume reviews. Keep em coming x (@LeanneOCD)

  28. I love reviews of both skincare and makeup products.

  29. More lipsticks! Especially Chantecaille as I'm dying to buy one of their Lip Chics but don't know which colour to get(and there's no counter near me).

    My email is :)

  30. I would love to see more perfume reviews i love them xoxo

  31. I follow you and have just tweeted, :) email:

    i'd love to see your favorites to do with colors i.e favorite pink lippies/black eyeliners, always gives me inspiration!

  32. I would love to see more skin are posts as they are one of my favourites to read.

  33. Yay! Brilliant give away. Look forward to getting you back too :-)

    I'd love to see more skincare posts...

    I've tweeted too @Mascareena.

    GFC: Reenie/Mascareena

  34. Hi I follow you and have tweeted too (jen__la).

    I would like to see more nail posts - upcoming trends, nails of the day etc as I'm a total nail polish addict!

    Thank you

  35. Great giveaway :) A couple of posts with comparable budget and luxury products would be nice- always good to know if the luxury options are worth it!

  36. Oh, and my email is, and I've tweeted too. Sorry, forgot to add this before.

  37. Hello, I follow via GFC: samwells87.
    I love seeing new product reviews! my email address

    Thanks for being so thoughtful and giving these away - I love Model's Own and these shades are a must have! x

  38. Hi,
    I'd find useful to find out about what colours suit which skin types. For example I have fair skin and dark features but never know what colour lippy would suit my complexion.

    My email addy is and I've been looking for this beetlejuice collection to give to my lovely mum for Christmas!

    Thank you,

  39. I follow on twitter and i have tweeted about the competition! campbell_hayley

    and am a member of the blog :)


    Great giveaway hope I win!


  40. I really enjoy your lipstick posts, so I'd love to see more of those, as well as more perfume reviews x

  41. Please enter me, I'm desperate for these babies!
    I follow you here and on twitter :)
    my email is:
    I'd love to see more of your project perfume posts, you're so good at describing scents!

  42. I enjoy your nail of the day posts, as well as anything lipstick related please! :)
    Thank you for the giveaway Louise.

    Pearls and Poodles

  43. Reviews on products are my favourites, especially foundation.

    My email address is


  44. I would LOVE to be in the chance of winning these they look AMAZING im such a fan of duo chrome colours :)
    I'm obsessed with ur blog also... THE BEST OF THE BEST

    xoxo thank you

  45. Following via GFC: Pyari Beauty
    Twitter: pyaribeauty

    I'd like to see more tutorial posts :)


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