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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Lipstick Of The (Next) Week

Something a bit different this week (for I wore only one lipstick last week (Tom Ford Indian Rose, seeing as you didn't ask, and I love it), so I'm showing you the lipsticks I'm going to be wearing this week.  A little sneaky preview, if you will.

Max Factor have set a  bunch of beauty bloggers a lipstick challenge: to wear seven shades of lipstick over the course of a week and see how we get along with them.  Long-time readers of Get Lippie will know that this is nothing new round these parts but, after they cheerfully acknowledged the inspiration for the idea, I thought I'd give it a go ...  nothing if not magnanimous, moi ... these are the seven shades of the brand new Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick (which fuses lipstick with skincare benefits) I was given to try:

I do love this elegant packaging, the lipsticks look far more expensive than a £7.99 product, and I love the little coloured panels at the bottom.

And I like the carved bullets too.  What I have here are three shimmer shades (English Rose, Angel Pink and Mulberry) and the rest are creams.  Here, have a closer look:

Yeah, I swatched Bewitching Coral before I took the pics, sorry!
This is a nice selection of shades - the are 15 in the range altogether, and as you can see, they span nudes, corals, pinks, and reds.  Of this collection, I know that I'm going to struggle with three (Angel Pink has already been identified as my nemesis) of them, but we'll see how I get along with the colours next week.  Having worn one of them for a few hours already, I know they are very well saturated with colour, and are extremely comfortable to wear, being feather-light and having a balm-ish texture, which is very nice indeed.

Here's the now-obligatory swatch shot:

I'll be showing you lipswatches and some more thoughts on the range (and the shades) this time next week.  It'll be the first time I've spent a week wearing the same brand of lipstick every day ... will my lips survive?

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipsticks are available now, and cost around £7.99.  However, they're included in the current 3-4-2 offer at Boots at the moment, so now would be a good time to snap some up.

The Fine Print: PR Samples.  This is NOT a sponsored post, it's just a bit of fun.  All links, as always are unaffiliated, and for informational purposes only.  The word Elixir looks funny.  Elixir.  Elix-ir.  Elixiiiiir....

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  1. Great challenge. I am definitely loving Ruby Tuesday the most.

  2. They all look very wearable actually. Liking English Rose, Mulberry & Ruby Tuesday best
    Nic x

  3. The name of Ruby Tuesday is making me laugh. Here in the States it's the name of a somewhat naff chain of burger and steak restaurants.

  4. These look so pretty the texture looks nice and creamy xx


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