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Monday, 12 September 2011


I'd kill for cheekbones.

I'd kill for arched eyebrows that aren't attempting to take over my entire face.

I'd kill for rippling waves of beautiful hair.

I'd kill for the perfect red lipstick.

I'd kill to have talents that make grown men cry.

But, as I'm not blessed with Hollywood good looks, and I'm not blessed with talent, I'll have to settle for appreciating those who have. Last week I caught a sneaky preview of Caroline Nin's (above) new show, and fell in love with her effortless European chic a little bit. Performing the songs of Marlene Dietrich and Edith Piaf in her own inimitable style, it was wondrous to see some old-school Hollywood (by way of Paris) glamour in the flesh. I'm going back this week to see the whole show. If you fancy seeing the show for yourself, Caroline is singing the songs of the Paris Lido at the Soho Theatre from 13-18 September, and you can pick up tickets here.

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