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Monday, 30 May 2011

Sephora Paris Giveaway

Man, I miss Sephora! Subject to a couple of caveats - more about which later - I wish they'd bring it back to the UK, I think the time is right, and the market is more than ready this time around.

But, as Sephora has seemingly no plans whatsoever to bring Sephora back in the near future, I thought that I would do my part and bring a little bit of it back for my readers!

There is a duochrome nail varnish (dupe for Deborah Lippman's Wicked Game/OPI-Katy Perry Just Like The Movies), a Sephora lipgloss in Ballerina Pink and an exclusive Sephora "Paris" palette which includes four lip colours, a blusher and nine eyeshadows. Plus, in the bag you see above are a couple of other bits and bobs for you as a mystery bonus!

All you have to do to win the Sephora goody bag is to leave me a comment on this post, (alongside a valid email address) and let me know which brands/products you'd like Sephora to stock if/when they do come back to the UK.

I will make the draw next Sunday (5th June - where on earth has this year gone?) and contact the winner the same day. Usual rules apply - editors decision is final etc.

Get your thinking caps on!


  1. Makeup Forever! I know you can get them in the UK, but it's such a pain.

    Also, Hello kitty ;)

    I'm going to Vegas on Sunday (honeymoon!) and one of the first things I'll be doing is hitting up Sephora! I think I'm more excited about that than getting married :P

    My email is and I may reply late if I win due to being overseas :)

  2. Hmm, I think maybe some of the brands we don't have here like NYX, covergirl and wet n wild. :-)

    cutestuff42 at hotmail dot com

  3. I would love them to bring back Sephora in the UK, it's always no.1 on my visit list when I've been to Paris - forget the Eiffel Tower!

    I'd like to see the likes of MUFE stocked, but what I think we miss out on is things like the little 'Sephora Favourites' kits with mini-mascaras from a few different brands, for example.

    Oh, and if they could open a Newcastle store, that'd be great, thanks.

    Ellie :)

  4. I would love a sephora in the UK! I'd want to try MUFE, definately and just general American brands that we can't get here :)
    thaaaaaaanks :D x

  5. I love Sephora - when it was in the UK I was a little too young to appreciate it - I think I used to buy those bath things in there, you know the plasticy balls filled with oil that burst when you put them in hot water?! What a waste! I love visiting every time I go to a country that has it, now I can appreciate it properly. I would just be excited by the Sephora brand itself - I picked up a few bits from their range last time I was in France and have been very impressed. I'd love to see the Sephora by OPI polishes all out in a colour-ordered row <3 heaven!

    This is a fantastic giveaway, I would love it if you could enter me please :)

    Alice x

  6. i'd love hard candy and smashbox

    satan_51 at hotmail dot com

  7. I seem to have missed out on Sephora, tell me more! Maybe it's because I'm in the beauty wilderness of Scotland lol - we need all the help we can get up here so please don't discount my entry for being an ignoramus!
    Love the blog
    Kirsten x

  8. I visited about eight different Sephora stores when I was in New York last year. I love it!

    I would love them to stock Make Up For Ever, as I'm reluctant to buy it online without swatching it!

  9. I often kick myself, because when we did have Sephora in te UK I was never that fussed. I'd totally ignore the store at Bluewater in favour of John Lewis or House of Fraser. Foolish girl.

    If they came back, I'd really like them to stock the Demeter fragrance range. They were all so unusual and fun and it'd be nice to be able to test them before buying. Just in case they're a little bit *too* unusual


  10. To be honest, I'd just love them to come back and stock everything they stock in France and the US over here. I browse on the site for hours, just lusting over things (I have a pretty dull life at the moment ha).

    Really nice of you to bring something back from your trip, for your readers Louise.

  11. Obviously Sephora's own brand, but definitely also MUFE, NYX, Wet 'n' Wild, Edward Bess and Hourglass!

    Thanks for this brilliant giveaway! xxx

  12. id like them to stock covergirl and wet n wild because the products look amazing and good value for money.

  13. I'd love to see their Sephora/OPI nail varnishes and their rollerball perfumes!

    jenny_ayre (@)

  14. Sephora own brand cos there's some really good stuff there. Also curious re Wet n Wild and NYX. Oh and the roller ball perfumes, I'd LOVE one of those. Oooh and MUFE. And when Sephora does sample packs of branded stuff so you can try out products. Ok going to stop now because I'm going to keep adding stuff.

  15. I have only ever been in one Sephora, in France, but was in there for pretty much most of the day! Bought a gorgeous Sephora lipstick and would love to be able to replace it as it's long gone! would love to have Sephora back in the UK.

  16. I would love to see MUFE, Nyx, Sigma Sally Hansen, China Glaze, and Colour Club nail polishes. Actually their own brand stuff and collaborations with OPI too. *stops*

    Email address is


  17. Sephora collection colorista custom makeup palette...I just love it!

  18. Sorry...bit of a late thought. I didn't leave my email address! Stupid really as you clearly asked for it.

  19. Sephora should definitely come back. There was a lovely big empty store on Buchanan Street that would have been perfect for Sephora but they went and put a stupid Nike shop there instead. Grrr.

    I'd love easier access to MUFE... I don't think there's anywhere in Scotland that stocks it and I kind of grudge the delivery fees from Make Up Emporium!


  20. Oh I'd love the opi range and Demeter fragrances! It's just my comment tho as I'm not entering the comp - I don't wear eyeshadows etc xx

  21. I love love love Sephora, there used to be one in Milton Keynes and I would spend hours and hours in there. I now get my yearly fix when I go to New York every December. I love Smashbox, Stila, Covergirl, ooh I just love all of it. I'd like an exact replica store of the one on Times Square and I would like the sales assistants to be as outrageous and as lovely. Jude xx @jadlgw

  22. Demeter! Such a pain having to get them off ebay and who knows if they're even genuine?


  23. Woo I am going to visit Sephora for the first time ever in 2 weeks... :) I don't know what products they already sell, but im hoping to pick up some MUFE when im there :)

  24. Hey, lovely giveaway! I went to almost every Sephora i spotted last year on my states tour, couldn't get enough!!

    Sephora OPI, Sephora's own brushes, MUFE were probably my favourites. I'd love to see NYX in there, and maybe Pixi, but mostly I'd just to love to see it at all!

    We'd go mad for it in Aberdeen - we don't have MAC, Illamasqua, NARS etc, so a Sephora would go down nicely!!

  25. Hi,
    I'm not from UK and I am so surprised to see that you don't have Sephora.Even us have it (Romania).
    Good luck !
    Email :
    Thank you.

  26. Hiya :)
    My email is

    If Sephora came to the UK (which it should because it would make me extremely happy) I honestly just want their cute ranges (HELLO KITTY HELLO KITTY HELLO KITTY - yes I am that sad haha) I'd loved to have got my hands on some of the Hello Kitty or Tarina Tarantino cutesy ranges without paying the extortionate ebay prices!
    I'd also love the Sephora Favourites gift sets as I think they'd be brilliant for finding new favourite products!

    Great give-away! Thank you :)
    Summer xxx

  27. Id love to see a sephora here! I didn't know we used to have them! & I'd love to try anything from the sephora brand mainly brushes as I've heard so many good things about them & also any sephora & opi polishes as I'm currently on a nail varnish kick.. They all look so pretty!

    Email: laurensoulsby @

  28. I'd love to see MUFE too!

    Thanks for the giveaway :-)

  29. Ahhh I love Sephora so so much. I used to go there as a young teenager and adored it, and then it went away and I cried and cried and am still crying :P I went to paris last year and was so happy to wallow around in all the makeup goodness.
    My favourite brands they stock are Makeup Forever and their own brand.
    And my email is:

  30. I love for Sephora to come back, the brands I'd really want would be MUFE, their own brand and NYX (the list could go on).

  31. I hope Sephora stock Make Up Forever and OPI for Sephora nail polishes!

  32. Definitely MUFE. They need a counter in London!

  33. MUFE, covergirl and kat von d!

  34. Hi,

    As well as loving Uber brands such as MUFE, Pixi, Smashbox,UD, I really, really love the prducts from 'Sonia Kashuk'
    Her products/range is generally only available from USA via 'Target', but I know that Space NK have stocked some of the range in the past.

    I especially love the 'Radiant Tinted Moisturiser' and 'Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette'

    The range just does what it says on the box and is super affordable.

    PLEASE Sephora, come back to the UK - you are so missed by all of us beauty geeks/jumkies over here in England.

    Thank you for the time you take to create and write your blog, I so enjoy reading it.
    My email is

    Em XxXx

  35. Is the contest open for those outside the UK? If so, I want to see Lime Crime in stores! I'd love to see a physical display of the brand!

  36. I would love love love Sephora to come back to the UK. I spent most of my teenage years covering myself in make up there as it was one of the few places which didn't have sniffy scary staff.

    I'd be happy if it was mostly their own stuff which I remember being decent make up, in decent sizes all at teenage purse friendly prices. Also it would be ace if they stocked Nivea make up (does that even still exist, my mum used to always bring me back some from French holidays).


  37. I would love Sephora to stock Paul & Joe if they came to the UK.
    Apparently they used to in Paris but i heard not anymore :(

  38. I would love it if we had Sephora here - the brands that would interest me are Makeup Forever, Josie Maran and some Caron perfumes would be great too.
    x Klara
    mookieonthebench @

  39. i would love if sephora stocked inglot! they only sell in new york city :{
    thanks or this giveaway!

  40. I'd love to try makeup forever, it seems so good and an amazing brand to try as it seems so professional!


  41. You know what, I don't think it's so much particular brands that I'd like them to stock but having lots of brands free to test under the same store roof that I miss.

    And actually, I recall that the Sephora own brand was pretty awesome, with a fantasticly wide range of colours.

  42. Well I'm from ireland, so I say: 'Sephora, just bring yourself here in Ireland too, with all your fab brands and we're good!'

  43. I'd love to go to Sephora in Paris!

    If they did come back to the UK I'd like to see the Kat Von D range and for them to make a lot of brands more accessible.

  44. Thank you for all your entries, everyone, but this giveaway is now CLOSED.

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