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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tom Ford Scarlet Rouge Lipstick - Swatches & Comparisons

On Monday I showed you pristine bullets of Scarlet Rouge and Indian Rose, and yesterday I showed you Indian Rose in more depth.  Today it's Scarlet Rouge's turn.  I own quite a few of the original Private Collection reds (Cherry Lush and Smoke Red are particular faves), but Scarlet Rouge still called out to me when I saw it.

It's a classic red creme finish with none of the micro-shimmer of Indian Rose or Smoke Red, and it leans a little warm, as it has orange undertones.  In the bullet, Scarlet Rouge and Smoke Red are fairly indistinguishable:


No Flash
You can see the difference in the finish here - those "dimples" in the Smoke Red are the microshimmer hitting the light)  however, on swatching, the difference is immediately apparent:

Scarlet Rouge is brighter, and very definitely warmer.  Smoke Red has a very blue base in comparison.  Something of the brightness of Scarlet Rouge here reminded me of Cherry Lush, so I thought I'd compare those too:

Very different in the bullet, aside from sharing the same non-shimmer creme finish.  Here's how they swatch:

Very similar in brightness, but the Cherry Lush is definitely pinker.  So no dupe here! They're both great colours though.

Scarlet Rouge is a bright, with a soft satin finish.  Perfect for scaring people in board meetings:

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  1. Scarlet Rouge looks absolutely fabulous on your lips :-)

  2. Scarlet Rouge is just beautiful on you, I actually think it's my favourite out of the whole collection! Great post

  3. Oh, what timing! I just reviewed Smoke Red and was wondering how it compared to the other TF reds. Scarlet Rouge looks breathtakingly gorgeous. I can wear warmer reds, but I'd have to keep my mouth closed all day, as the orange does not do pretty things to my teeth. It certainly looks great on you.

    Thanks for the excellent comparison swatches and review. LOVE.

  4. Oh yeah! I'm gonna need Scarlet Rouge!!

  5. I need to scare many people at the moment so this is definately on my list. Thankyou.

  6. Thanks so much for the comparisons as I have both the other reds and wasn't sure if I needed a third. Obviously I do! It is always interesting to see how shades so similar at first sight look very different swatched side by side x


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