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Thursday 12 May 2011

Guerlain Terracotta Skin Foundation

I've been ill - I might have mentioned it, now I come to think of it - and, after the best part of two weeks in bed with a fever, and still wracked with a cough like a beagle on 40 a day a very bad cough indeed, I'm not looking like the healthiest person on the planet.  Pale green, and pale blue and pale grey are the colours of my face at the moment, and it's not nice.  Oh, and there's the red bits, but they're in the wrong places, so let's just forget I mentioned them, okay?

But, I think I've found something that helps me look a bit more human, it's this stuff:

Guerlain Terracotta Skin Foundation.  Now, I'm not one for fake tan, being about as low-maintenance as you can be and still call yourself a beauty blogger, but sometimes, I admit, I do need help.  And this stuff is wonderful.  It's not a fake tan, it's not quite a foundation, but rather something in between.  It comes in two shades, 1 - Blondes and 2 - Brunettes.  I have both.

Let me show you:

Possibly the least appetising swatches I've ever posted on Get Lippie, but bear with me.  As you can see 1 on the left is a little paler, and peachier, and 2 on the right is a little darker, and slightly more, dare I say it ... orange?  Incidentally, a little of this stuff goes a long, long way, and the amount you see on the back of my hand there is probably enough to cover at least four faces.

You apply it as you would a normal foundation or tinted moisturiser, and, because it's chock-full of silicones (so if you're sensitive to them, avoid this at all costs), you won't need a primer, or powder, and it will do a wonderful job of smoothing out both your skintone, and  your pores.  Once blended it will just give you a hint of whisper light colour, which looks natural and healthy:

Um, yeah, so natural and healthy you can't even see it.  Let's try that again, shall we?

 Why, yes, I do spend my Wednesday evenings raising my eyebrows in the bathroom mirror and belming at myself, thank you.  And I know I'm not alone ...  Now, admittedly, this is a good 14 hours after I applied No 2 (Brunette), but my skin is still showing colour. And it's a vast improvement on the pale grey I was at 7am yesterday morning.  Yes, I'm a bit shiny (and for the love of god do not enlarge that picture and look at my pores, I implore you!) and it's showing a few red bits around my nose, but, I remind you that I am still, you know, ill.  Also, this picture was taken with a flash, which would normally wash me out even further, so the fact that I'm still looking even vaguely human is a miracle.  When I use the 1 - Blonde version, the finish is just a little paler, but still humanising.

For reference, this is how I looked before I applied it:

This reminds me a great deal of my beloved Armani Face Fabric foundation, which is another chock-full of silicones beauty that works wonders on my knackered mush.  The Terracotta Skin foundation is something I'm going to get a lot of usage out of this year, especially now that I've discovered that No2 is perfect for covering up my high colouring.  Win-win!

Pros - easy to use, literally 30 seconds or so to apply, natural colour, great for hiding patches of high colouring, de-zombifies, smoothes skin, little goes a very long way don't need a primer, almost entirely fool-proof and perfect for fake-tan scaredy cats, don't need an exact match for your skin colour.

Cons - very sheer coverage (so not perfect for blemish-prone skin), no SPF, pricey - £33 at time of writing - quite a small tube, will need powder in hot weather.

Guerlain Terracotta Skin Foundation is, for me - this year,  a must-have.  Just don't forget to blend it down your neck all the way down to your chest otherwise you'll look a bit odd.

The Fine Print: One of these was a PR sample, and I was so impressed I went straight out and bought the other shade.  Which is which?  Who knows, and I no longer care ...

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  1. Oooh! This sound like just what I need! I am pale too, and sometimes powder bronzers are too obvious. I will try this out!


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