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Wednesday 11 May 2011

What Do You Get The Beauty Blogger Who Has Everything?

Well, providing that the aforementioned beauty blogger is actually of the male variety, you get him one of these:

The Alice Temperley Safari Traveller for men.  Makes a great present - as well as the stylish soap bag it contains shaving foam, shower gel, face scrub,  face wash, and moisturiser, making it perfect for little getaways.  Or longer trips to Portugal next month  ... Best of all, a proportion of the price goes to fund the Mothers4Children charity, so he'll smell good, look good and have a happy conscience.  Speaking of happy ...

Happy birthday Mr Lippie!

The Fine Print: I bought mine ... er ... his at Harvey Nicks. Other premium department stores are available.  There's one for women too, but even I didn't think that was an appropriate gift.  I kept the samples though, I'm not a complete muggins.

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  1. Why yes, I DID forget to get him a card, what on earth would make you think that?

  2. Happy Birthday Mr Lippie.

    Hope you get everything your heart desires on your special day x x


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