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Thursday 5 May 2011

Nail of the Day OPI DS Chiffon

Posts are a bit thin this week because I've been ill (hang on till Monday though, won't you? I have a doozy coming up!) but this little bottle of precious arrived yesterday and it was all I could do not to paint my mails there and then!

OPI DS polishes are a particular weakness of mine, being - by and large - holographics. And I love me a bit of holo action! I spotted this on lovely Jen's Lipstick Luvvies blog sale at the weekend and had to snap it up!

Under halogen lighting (like the two pics above) it shows as a little peachy-pink number, but under fluorescents and in natural daylight (as below) you can see that it is actually a very sweet, soft baby-pink:

Not a colour I wear often, but very cheering, and a perfect antidote to last week's chocolate brown that I hated so much.

I bought another one too, and I'll show you that soon ...


  1. So glad you like it and it got to you safely. Looks lovely on you x

  2. That is lovely! I hope you feel better soon x


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