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Tuesday 10 May 2011

Bespoke Lipstick with Daniel Sandler & Cosmetics a la Carte Pt II

So, if you made it through yesterday's post, then you'll know I recently had two bespoke lipsticks created for me by Daniel Sandler and Lynne Sanders at Cosmetics a la Carte.  Judging from the comments, you'll be wanting to see the final results (and names) today!  

So, without further ado, I introduce you to my two new lipstick shades:

On the left here, we have the purple "Get Lippie" and on the right, we have the coral "Luce".  Do you see what I did with the names?  Never let it be said that imagination is my strong point, I remind you all politely that I am an accountant, and there's a reason for that.  So there.

Anyhoo - Swatches!

Artificial light
Natural daylight (and they're reversed, because I am an idiot)
Now, when I asked my readers a Quick Question  of "if Get Lippie were a lipstick, what colour would she be?" recently, there were two clear choices: rich, bright reds and clear bright pinks.  And, to be honest, both of those colours were things that initially crossed my mind too ... but ... part of the fun of having this blog is my constant quest to find the perfect red, and my (newer) quest to find the perfect pink is something that I find a great deal of fun too!  So, when I thought harder about what I'd want from a "signature" lipstick shade, I realised that I actually wanted something pretty, but a little more on the neutral side, so I can use it to accessorise lots of looks, and would get lots and lots of wear out of it.  So, these shades are probably not what most of my readers are expecting!  But, to be fair, "Get Lippie" isn't what I was expecting, either!

So, let's take a closer look at "Luce", shall we?

Luce isn't a perfect dupe for my beloved Chanel India, but it's pretty darn close.  It's essentially a soft pinky-coral, with just the tiniest amount of gold shimmer. For me, this is a perfect, colourful - but not too bright - wearable shade, that will compliment many makeup looks.  Sheered out it shows a little more orange, and worn in a thicker layer, it shows a little more pink.  It's a complex shade, but it's not too complicated to wear.  Here's how it looks in a thin layer in natural daylight:

Incidentally, "Luce" is my (other) nickname, only my mum and my boss call me Louise these days, which gets a bit confusing, sometimes ...  I just have to stop a couple of people referring to me only as "Oi! Lippie!" now. They know who they are ...

Speaking of which, onto "Get Lippie":

Artificial light
Artificial light with flash
It's a bit of a chameleon, this one.  Ostensibly purple, but it can appear brownish - as in the swatch picture at the very top of the post -, a dark purple, or a very pink-based purple with blue shimmer as under the flash picture just above here (and if someone would like to make me a nail varnish in that shade, I will love you forever.  No really, I will).  In reality, once again, it's another very soft shade, this time more of a  purpled-pink, which I find to be surprisingly wearable.

Swatched quite sheerly on the lips (natural daylight):

Not nearly as scary as it looks in the tube, eh?  In fact, the daylight has washed it out just a little here - and the natural redness of my lips has warmed it up a little.  That said, I think it suits my skin-tone very well indeed (I am learning to live with cooler shades these days), but this is dramatic for me in a way that brighter colours simply aren't.

Here's how it looks in the full context (kinda) of my face, and this is probably the most colour-accurate picture of them all.  Yes, it's purple, but it's not a full-on PURPLE!, if you see what I mean.  It goes best with slightly more neutral makeup looks, as it's far more of a statement colour in its own right than "Luce" is.

I was terrified of wearing purple lipstick in the store, and it took a lot, and I do mean a lot, of persuasion to even try it on in the first place, but, the lesson I've learned is, that when Daniel Sandler tells you a colour will suit you, you should just go with it.  I went with the softer, more sludgey purple shade than the more fuchsia-shade you saw in yesterday's post, because I felt that this colour, although  technically harder to wear, is actually far more unique, and it's definitely not a colour I'd have picked up unassisted. I love it though.  A lot. And I've worn it far more than I expected since it appeared too.  

Odd thing, I think this shade makes my hazel eyes look greener!  I could be imagining that though.  The lipsticks themselves, whilst quite perfumed (something I personally like, though your mileage might vary), do have a lovely soft velvety texture, and more than adequate lasting properties.   I've had no problems with grittiness or drying whilst they're on the lips.

Don't forget, that if you want a custom colour lipstick for yourself, then Cosmetics a la Carte will be happy to assist you, too. Just, you know, put some actual thought into what you want to call it ... What would you name a shade you created, and what would it be?  I'm, er, not using you guys for research, honest ...
The Fine Print: Once again, this wasn't a PR post, the lipsticks were a gift, and I want to extend the most grateful, and heartfelt of thanks to both Lynne and Daniel for this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity to have a product named after me!  

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  1. I knew it! I'm in love with Get Lippie! I had a feeling it would be more sheer than scary & looks really good with your skintine, which is similar to mine.
    Like I asked on twitter - I wanna know if other folks can order now existing "recipes". Great job, Luce!

  2. Okay, I pretty much *love* the look of Get Lippie - a lovely, lovely choice, if I may say so! It looks even more gorgeous here than it did in your last post :o)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous colours, I am surprised at how sheer 'Get Lippie' is as it looks very dark in the bullet, my favourite is 'Luce', that is the sort of colour I am automatically drawn to. Love the names of them too. Jude xx @jadlgw

  4. Ooooh, I love both of these, but my natural preference is with Luce. They are both perfect for you, and you're right: Get Lippie does make your eyes look green (not greener, just plain green -quite a thing!).
    Well done to the entire team...this was a great post and an excellent presentatiion!
    Enjoy them :)))
    Nina x

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE esp the purple shade. You look fab.

  6. They both look fab, I love luce though the best. Like you I used to wear darker colours in my youth, hell I still have Estee Lauder's Sin in my make up bag but will never wear it again!
    I much prefer reds, raspberries and corals now

  7. Get Lippie is stunning on the lip, was not quite convinced right up until that first photo of it on your lips, its so wearable and really really suits you.

  8. Get Lippie looks so awesome on you! - Like it was made for you - which obviously it was. A great demonstration of how a bespoke service works. x

  9. I am in love with Get Lippie and I think it suits you so well. I really like Luce but Get Lippie, wow, that needs marketing! I was secretly hoping you'd called it Happy Goth though... :D

  10. Omfg!!! Get Lippie looks amazingly lush and does bring out the greener shade of your eyes to the point where I'm green with envy!! Luce is also a delicious coral shade on you x


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