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Sunday 15 May 2011

Random Sunday Stuff - Featuring Sudocrem

Sudocrem, that staple of many a bathroom, is bringing out a handbag-sized tube, and to celebrate they were offering "handbag readings" by Debbie Percy who has made a career out of Bagology.  Apparently, what you carry around with you every day - both your bag and the contents can be a lot more revealing about you than you think!  Here's my bag, and its contents:

Yeah ... it's a bit pink!  I carry most things around in packets, to make things easier to swap between bags - I thought it looked a bit dull to be honest, but I'll let you read on:

 Delicious! A handbag full of attitude and surprises!  This bag is just great, it has personality and texture.  I think Get Lippie knows how to play hard and is ok being the centre of attention when the occasion presents itself!  You are a lady who has a reasonable amount of structure in place in life, but you don’t obsess over it.  You like things to be neat and tidy and for things to have a place and be in their place.  You are loving, friendly, kind and affectionate.  There is a courageous side to your nature and I wonder if that is a source of pride to you?  

Loyalty to and from those around you is important to you.  If I knew you well I would say that when you are bored – it can get pretty ugly around here!!   Routine and monotony will be your pet hates – but you won’t appreciate sympathy either so we best leave you well alone at these times!!  You enjoy strength in those around you, strong characters will be something you embrace and are drawn towards.   An important thought for you is to make sure you aren’t working or living with someone who is two faced or has been found to be deceitful. Your bag is suggesting that backstabbing may be in your neighbourhood – so if you find that, move on and ship out! 

Good health is important to you, you will enjoy people who fill you with a feeling of energy, vitality and who are keen to reach their potential (just as are you).  Finally, if on occasion you feel you have to hide away certain parts of who you are, or wear a false mask (image), then your bag has a message – be brave!  Be expressive! Above all be you! Trust your loving nature to be the thing that will pull you through even in uncertain times.

I thought this was huge fun, and hey, any excuse to show off my Haut Totes bag again ...! 

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