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Monday 16 May 2011

Gay Paree!

Get Lippie is in Paris for a few days this week, hoorah! I'm basically heading there to shop, I have a list of places to go - hello Sephora! -  and I've a few things to do, chief amongst them is a visit to here:

Yes, I'm off to see the home of Serge Lutens, and I can't wait! Project Perfume is still going strong - I'll have some more in-depth updates for you soon, but I think visiting Paris - I've never been before - and seeing the home of Guerlain, Hermes, and Chanel amongst countless others is going to be something I'll have lots to say about when I get back.

So, where else should I go?

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  1. You should definitely go to the Sephora Champs Elysées, but also to le Printemps de la Beauté (a section in le Printemps, on boulevard Haussman, next to the Galeries Lafayettes: lots of rare and gorgeous fragrances). Also, aside from beauty shopping, if you want to taste some lovely food and enjoy a nice area, please go to the Quartier Montorgueil, a really nice pedestrian set of streets: plenty of cafés, terrasses, great clothings shops, patisseries and chocolateries. Well that's just what I can find on the top of my head. I hope you enjoy your stay, the weather will be quite nice!!


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