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Thursday 10 March 2011

Random Face of the Day - Diorskin Nude Foundation Test

Apologies for the fact that I'm fully dressed here, random Googlers! I've been trialling Diorskin Nude foundation for about a week now, and I don't really have any hard and fast thoughts about it - yet - but I thought you might like to see how it photographs.

Alongside the Nudeskin, I'm wearing:
Sue Devitt eyeshadow in Lonely Splendour (a lovely taupe), 
Illamsaqua  Precison Ink eyeliner in Abyss, 
Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara
NARS Blush in Sin
Guerlain Rouge G in Galante (yes, I bought another one)

Six products is about the minimum I can make a FotD these days, even one as simple (though I prefer the term "classic" as this one).

Here's another shot in different lighting:

You can very nearly see my new teeth!

Have you tried Diorskin Nude foundation?  What're your thoughts?

The Fine Print: I bought everything in this post. Not all at the same time, I'm not made of money credit cards.

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  1. Hi it looks quite nice on you i tried it about a month ago (sample in mag Not my colour and it looked promising.I like it on you thanks for the post Jo

  2. I tried this foundation and it's one of my favourites, I love it on dry skin, that the colour matches me pretty well and the luminous finish that it gives. It's not full coverage, but leaves my skin feeling nice and looking glowy.

  3. I love DiorSkin Nude, it's one of my favourite foundations for summer :-)

  4. That's a lovely look you have there, missus.

  5. I tried it, though still haven't decided whether to buy it. I also have a random face of the day shot with me wearing it. I may share it too. Love your makeup in this one by the way. Well, I would, what's not to love about taupe eyeshadow and a classic black liner :D

    In my case the Dioskin Nude made my skin look great in most lights but in full on sunlight it was obviously foundation rather than just a little something to correct the imperfections. I do wonder if I applied it myself that it would look more natural? I think buying it will be the only way to tell though!

    Jane x

  6. In that second picture you look a bit like Dita Von Teese - your complexion has a real peaches and cream look and I love the blusher too! x


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