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Tuesday 15 March 2011

The Bluebeards Revenge

Because, sometimes, you can't keep a good man down ... I present you, MrLippie!


The world of male grooming is one populated by a mass of extreme soft-focus stereotypes, as I'm sure I've mentioned before, so it was with some trepidation that I examined "Bluebeards Revenge", fearing the worst. I'd heard nothing about it prior to it arriving in Lippie Underground Headquarters (courtesy of Get Lippie herself), and the name and the first glimpse of the steely blue box and skull and crossbones logo had my admittedly warped imagination churning out images of marketing drones desperately trying to link shaving to Cap'n Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean", or some such ridiculousness.

Thankfully not! On closer examination, the skull & crossbones logo is slightly lopsided....which intrigued me somewhat. Evidence of a sense of humour? Maybe....but yes! Cue me getting a big grin on as I examined the warnings against usage by the "bum fluff brigade", women, and espoused the values of "real men" and how it can tackle even the manliest of beards! Sarcasm & self-mockery - often the best way to a customers' wallet - certainly in this highly cynical age. So, first obstacle passed, and on to the actual product.

The shaving cream comes with a free shaving brush, which looks quite snazzy, being wood & bristle, with the Blubeard skull & crossbones being emblazoned on it in gold. Quite swish, but I will admit to have being spoiled beforehand by having a badger-hair brush, which just pips this in the softness stakes (but doesn't look as nice!).

Spreading the cream on my face, I was impressed. It does have an aroma, but it's not massively overpowering. It's slightly flowery, but not hugely distinctive - quite classic, in fact. The cream slides well over the face, and lathers up over overnight stubble growth very nicely, clumping it up in preparation for the application of a razor. It comes off well, generally without requiring a second stroke, but obviously that's mostly dependent on the quality of said razor as opposed to the shaving cream, but we won't mention such a trifling detail such as that, will we? 

Errr...yes. Anyhow.

It's a good size tin of the stuff, and it's claimed that it can last up to 5 months! Given that my face is not the size of a small moon (nor a Death Star or minor planetoid), I look forward to using this over the next few weeks!  

Okay, so that's the last time I'll let him watch "So I Married An Axe Murderer" (some couples fall in love to things like Out of Africa or, Love Story or something, but it turns out that "our film" is a Michael Myers film no-one has ever heard of.  HELLO!)  However, I've tried this myself, on my legs, and, whilst the free brush is a bit scratchy (to the point where I wouldn't even consider using it in my armpits), the soap itself is rather amazing.  Smooth and creamy, and leaving you with super smooth legs, and no hint of post-shaving dryness. 

Highly recommended, most of all because it's paraben-free and won't leave you smelling like a fruit salad.  Incidentally, why do all women's shaving products smell of fruit?  I can't speak for the hair retardent claims made for this product, as I've only been allowed near it twice, even though it's technically mine!
You can find out more about The Bluebeards Revenge here.

The Fine Print: I bought this after reading a review by Do Not Refreeze.

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  1. Fantastic review Mr Lippie! I shall point my Gareth in the way of this.


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