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Tuesday 1 March 2011

Prai 02 Infusion with Vacuum Technology

 At the moment, I'm on a bit of a cleansing kick, and when the opportunity came up to try this one out, I leapt at it, as it sounded intriguing.  It promises an "innovative formula" which contains oxygen molecules to stop your skin being lackluster and promises a more youthful and "refreshed" look.

In use, this light, apricot coloured gel transforms into a mousse, and it foams, foams, foams it's way to cleaner skin. It's actually huge fun to use, you massage it lightly into your slightly damp skin, and watch it do it's stuff for a couple of minutes then rinse it off, and Presto! Cleaner, smoother, brighter skin!

Or ...

As in my case, itchy, flaky, burning, sparkly skin. For this cleanser contains micro-glitter, which adheres to your skin even after you've removed the foam (with a wet washcloth, in my case).  Too late, I remembered that my (slightly oily, not as sensitive as it used to be) skin hates anything that foams, and boy, did it let me know afterward.  It took several days of intense moisturisation, and very, very, very gentle handling to get it back to anything like its former equilibrium.  This, plus looking like a Twilight reject once I'd used it makes this product a complete no-go for me, I'm afraid.  On the plus side, it smells lovely, and a little of this goes a very, very, very long way.

One for the greasy-skinned, less sensitive souls amongst us to use for Father Christmas impressions, I feel.  Prai 02 Infusion costs £19.75 from QVC

The Fine Print: PR Sample.


  1. Reminds me of the Bliss oxygen mask thingy, which I can't remember the name of - helpful right? It doesn't contain glitter, but made not a jot of difference to my skin. A gimmick on both counts I reckon.

  2. Why is there glitter in a skincare item? Some companies confuse me!

  3. I have a fear of the foam too, even though my skin is oilier it certainly does not thank me if I use anything which foams. Am currently using one from Decleor which does try hard to foam although I keep a tight rein on it and whilst it leaves my skin squeaky (it really does squeak) it does not leave it screaming for moisturiser which I find frankly jaw dropping. Thanks for the warning about this one. Jan x

  4. Glitter in a facewash? Whatever for? Generally what I'm looking for in a facewash is something that will remove glitter n stuff.


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