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Monday 28 March 2011

Dior Addict Lipstick 578 Diorkiss

Apparently, some people think I'm a bit obsessed with lipstick.  I cannot imagine why people might think this.

[looks up at logo]


Alright, they might have a point.  But, I'd like to make clear that I only own three drawers worth of lipsticks/glosses and balms.  For the purposes of the point I'm making, I'd like to - of course - ignore the box of lip products in the bathroom.   And the fact that I always have at least 10 lip products in my handbag at any one time.

Where was I?  Oh yes, Dior are relaunching their Addict range of lipsticks, and they very kindly agreed to send me one so I would stop sending them begging letters could take a look at them for you.  I was sent 578 in Diorkiss which is a pink.  I think my search for the perfect pink has overtaken my search for the perfect red over the last few months, which is a surprise!

This lipstick is also the shade you'll see Kate Moss wearing the advertising campaign.  In the bullet, this looks quite a deep shade:

But be not scared if you're wary of dark lipsticks, for in what appears to be an increasing trend this year (like the Guerlains and Chanels I've shown you recently), these have a gel base and are perfect for a more sheer look:

As you can see from the swatch, this is a soft and gentle pink on the skin, a little less "bright" than a lot of the other pinks I wear, and it feels very emollient on the lips.  If you like a deep, opaque look from your lip colours, then it's likely that the newly released (they're currently in Selfridges, but you will be able to buy them nationwide from 11th April)  Addict line isn't for you.

On the lips, it's a gentle wash of glossy colour, perfect for no-fuss looks.  Lasting power is about average for a glossy sheer - about three hours if you can abstain from eating or drinking for a while, less if you must indulge in a coffee in the morning.

I love the pearlescent packaging, and, even though it took a little while for me to figure out precisely to get the lid off (look, I'm old, and opening things seems to not be my forte these days), it's a lovely bit of kit.  I think I might have to indulge in a couple more.

Dior Addict lipsticks will be available nationwide from April 11th and will cost £22.  Which is cheaper than the new Chanel Rouge Coco shines (by 50p), and a good few pounds cheaper than the Guerlain Rouge Automatiques which will be released later in the month.

The Fine Print:  I was sent this to review.

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  1. im definitely getting ONE! just ONE! :P

  2. I love the packaging, probably more then the lipstick. Is that wrong?

  3. oooh looks gorgeous, how many lippys do you have exactly ???

  4. Ohh that looks stunning! There is something seriously luxe about dior cosmetics...maybe just one? :) xx

  5. That colour is lovely. Definitely not scary!

  6. That does look lovely but I have only just got back into lip colour after years of sheers and I want opaque creamy colour, am going to have to twitter you for suggestions I think!

  7. I want this - your lips look LUSH.. Want a kiss ;)

  8. I've only got one Dior lip product which is the Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm but I absolutely love it.

    At the time, it was possibly the most I'd ever spent on a single item of make up but it was money so well spent. I think I may have to invest a little more...

  9. I feel like we are kindred spirits when it comes to lipstick. We truly are.

    I swatched a bunch of these today and was so tempted to get a couple. Okay, maybe four or five. EEEk. I walked away though. Slowly. Very slowly.

  10. Love love love! I think I will be passing the entire Rouge Coco Shine range in favor of the new Dior Addict shades, they are SO gorgeous and even though they're sheer, they seem to have more color than the Chanel lipsticks.

    I think I need this shade now. THANKS FOR MAKING ME SPEND MONEY!


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