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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Accessorize Molten Truffle

People were asking me recently to post more about affordable beauty products ... well, how does £1.50 for one of the most beautiful eyeshadows I have ever seen* grab you?

Wandering around my local Superdrug recently, I finally spotted the Accessorize makeup stand.  I realise I'm the last blogger on earth to have discovered the makeup, but hey ho.  I picked up the nail varnishes in Aztec and Bronze which are as beautiful as I've been lead to believe (and an utter bargain at £4.50 each), but more about those later.  I noticed a little sign saying the pigment pots were £1.50 each, and picked this one up, it's a cool taupe, one of those perfect greybrownpurple shades, and I was instantly smitten.

However, it wasn't until I swatched it that I realised just how beautiful it was.  The powder is gloriously soft, silky, smooth and so complex a shade that it's actually incredibly difficult to describe.  So here are some really terrible photographs in an attempt to explain:

The second picture actually picks up a hint of the multi-tonal microshimmer - alongside the greybrownpurple of the basic pigment itself, there are hints of pink, bronze and green shimmer.  It puts my beloved Le Metier de Beaute Le Circ palette to shame.

There. I said it.

And breathe

Here's another dreadful pic of how it looks on my eyes:

Eyeliner: Illamasqua Abyss, Mascara: Armani Eyes to Kill
 Hmn, my eyelids are unexpectedly creased here, I have been trialling a sealing gel that I'm not hugely impressed with.  So I shall blame that.  DAMN you stupid sealing gel that has given me creased-up eyelids!  

And now, here's an awful full-face pic that doesn't show the eyeshadow at all, but it's my blog, and I like seeing my new pink pearls in photos:

Still aggravated by that sealing gel, obviously.
So, there you go, one bargainalicious beauty product, that even at full-price (£4.50) would still be a bargain.  I'm going back for Molten Khaki tomorrow.

*It's okay if you don't think it's beautiful too.  It's TAUPE, I gettit ... 

The Fine Print: I bought everything I'm wearing in this blog post.  Including the perfume.

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  1. I definitely need that. That looks perfect for summery bohemiany non-heavy makeup. Hide my debit card, superdrug here I come.

  2. I love Accessorize make up, It looks pretty and the pigment for the money is really quite smashing.

    I've got a couple of pieces from the range that I love to use and a bronzer I am waiting until summer to use.

    The packagig on the pressed shadows and bronzers is rather pretty too.

    PS beautiful pearls x

  3. You always seem to go for colors that I love. I've always suspected that I'm attracted to a color family that may not be great for my skin tone, but I kind of don't care. I love bronze.

  4. That is Beyoutiful! The second picture sealed it. I think I might *need* this!

    I see you're wearing the pearl necklace.....

  5. oooh I just had an eyeshadow-gasm! That is a very pretty one. Kinda like the tamer sister to Concrete Minerals Lolita, well somewhat.

  6. I tagged you in the Stylish Blogger Award. DO check out <3


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