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Monday 28 February 2011

Lanolips - Now in Boots

(l-r: Rose, Rhubarb, 101, Dark Honey, Apples)
 I popped along to Boots on Oxford Street last week, and noticed they now have Lanolips in store. They've been available on for a couple of months now, but  it's good to see them in-store finally. Even better, they're currently on 3-4-2, so it was an ideal chance for me to pick up a couple or three new ones to add to my collection (like I ever need an excuse to stock up on lipbalms ...)!

Made from medical grade lanolin (the tube labelled 101 is 100% pure), Lanolips are an Australian import, and are the brainchild of the lovely Kirsten Carriol, who has made it her mission to make a natural lip product based on lanolin.  I'd say she's succeeded, I've pretty much swapped out most of my other lipbalms and this winter I've rarely been without a tube in one pocket or another.

Initially I started off with just Rhubarb (I love rhubarb, I couldn't not have this one) and Dark Honey, but I picked up 101, Apples and Rose in-store recently too.  The shades are lovely and very wearable:

(l-r: Rose, Rhubarb, 101, Dark Honey, Apples)
Dark Honey (surprisingly) is probably the one I get the most wear out of, as it's a pale, dusky mauve shade that's very similar in shade to my natural lip-colour, and I find it evens out the tones in my lips very well - but I have very pigmented lips, with a natural "lip-line" that paler shades don't cover up too well.

The balms are fragrance and flavouring-free, and yes, they are a bit sticky.  Sticky to the extent that you may have to warm it in your fingers before applying it to your lips, and it's practically solid on a cold day, but on your lips it's feather-light, and hugely moisturising.  I haven't had cracked lips once, in spite of the bitterly cold weather, and I like to think it's because of Lanolips!  I've also found that it makes a great overnight treatment for sore lips too.

Enlarge to see ingredients
 So, do you need Lanolips?  I think so, they're moisturising, flavour-free, and best of all they work.  I'm not entirely happy with the packaging, the labels the UK distributor uses to seal the tubes peels the gold paint off, and there is just a plain nozzle on them, which means you can't apply direct to your lips from the tube, but these are minor gripes, my lips love these.

 The Fine Print:  I bought these, with my ill-gotten gains garnered from my other life as an accountant.
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  1. I really want to try Lanolips but I keep nosying in Boots and can't see it!

  2. I wasn't really that interested before this post but I love the sound of the dark honey one, my lips are pigmented too so nice to know there is one that will look ok, some lipbalms are so pale they just look strange x

  3. There's none in my local boots yet. I really want to try one but then think I have enough already lol!




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