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Friday 27 August 2010

Review - Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation

My quest for a Holy Grail foundation goes on, this time around I'm trying Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau, which is their latest release, and it was released a couple of weeks ago. After a while swatching in-store, I settled on shade no2, Beige Clair, which is a slightly more pink-based shade than I'd ordinarily wear, but the lighting in the shop make picking colours way more difficult than it should be.

This is what Guerlain have to say about it:

"Silk and linen weave themselves into a second skin

Selected from among the most luxurious textile fibres, silk and linen combine their complementary qualities, weaving an imperceptible veil of perfection on the surface of the skin in a voluptuous sensation of comfort and drapes the complexion in a silky radiance that captures an reflects the light.  Ultra-mattifying powders and pigments are woven into the linen to help refine the texture of the skin and give it a velvety softness.  On the skin itself nothing is visible except the natural appearance of a perfect complexion."

Housed in a handsome glass bottle, with a monogrammed lid, the bottle has a proper pump to help you get it out. It's a foundation that is prone to separating in the bottle, so it really needs a good shake up before you use it.

Here you can see that I didn't shake it quite enough before I pumped it onto my hand, I generally find that one full pump is just about the right amount for my face and onto my neck (for blending purposes).  It's a very light, very liquid-y foundation, which spreads extremely easily on the skin, it has great slip.

This shows the partially blended foundation, as you can see, a little amount of this goes a very long way.  It blends very easily, and just needs a tiny hint of powder to set it.  I've been using my Guerlain Meteorites over the top, as I find it's very difficult to over-apply that one.

Once on the skin and set, you get the most delightful finish, sheeny without being too glowy, or even (heaven forfend) "greasy".  It's practically invisible in use, and evens out your skintone wonderfully.  I adore the finish, not too matte, not too shiny, it's a really lovely foundation.

That said, it's lasting power is merely average, I do find that it really needs either a good re-powdering around 3pm (I tend to apply around 6.30, 7am, though, which is actually around 8 hours wear) or a little reapplication.

This is a definite re-buy for me, I like it a great deal more than my Chanel Pro-Lumiere, as it feels a lot lighter on the skin, and doesn't appear to oxidise very much - if at all.

What's been a great foundation find for you recently?

The Fine Print: I bought this.  I was actually looking for the new Guerlain palettes, but they're not available till the first week of September, dammit!


  1. I absolutely love this foundation too!! Great Review :)

  2. I recently got a sample of Lancome's Teint Miracle and absolutely adore it - definitely going to buy full size bottle x

  3. Where can you get it except for Nordstrom?

  4. I love my Korres wild rose foundation
    great coverage, color match and staying power. Plus not only it doesn't harm my skin it also gradually improves complexion

  5. A great review thanks. Will have to try this out myself. I have been using Origins youthopia liquid foundation and I find it brilliant you should check it out.

  6. this looks lovely! how would you say the coverage is?

  7. I still want to have a try of this on my face. I've had a play and agree that it has a lovely consistency and it feels very soft to the touch once it's set. I just need a little help with the colour matching with this one.

    I'm really enjoying the Teint Miracle from Lancome which I got a sample of last week. I'd love to try these side by side as I think they're quite similar in finish.
    Jane x

  8. ooh I wana try this now :) I've been loving mac face and body lately!

  9. I am still enjoying Max Factor Second Skin - but will try this one as I move into winter and need a bit more coverage. Nice post!

  10. the name of this foundation is to die for. 'underwear for your skin' >> how gorgeous is that xx

  11. This is going to sound really random, but since I've been on a strict budget lately I had to resort to more affordable foundation. So I found Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, and it's actually really good! Applies really well, nice light-medium coverage, doesn't cake or oxidise, and lasts for a whole day. And all for about £9! Pretty damn amazing.

  12. Still staying with good old Vitalumiere by Chanel. Gives a youthful glow, but like this is not overly glowing to give an oily effect. Feels like I'm not wearing any makeup, and also looks like I'm not (of course still with good coverage).


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