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Tuesday 3 August 2010

Tiny Edward Bess Collection

 I own three Edward Bess products, a compact rouge (Island Rose), lipstick (Secret Desire), and eyeshadow (Intimate).  Edward's line recently made it to the UK, and after a while lusting over it on my US friend's blogs, I was delighted to get my sticky fingers on some of the products!

In a slightly different order (because I'm an idiot), you can see Secret Desire which is a soft, peachy nude, Island Rose, which is a gorgeous cool raspberry colour, and Intimate, a murky, sludgy taupe shade.  These products are on the pricey side, it's undeniable, but the quality is also undeniable.  Shades swatch true to pan, they're gorgeously blendable, and scented delectably with wild fig.

I went for slightly cooler shades than I would ordinarily (the Secret Desire was sample I received at a press event), but I'm totally in love with the compact rouge.  I adore the eyeshadow, it's a lovely "goes with anything" shade,  and it works as either a crease or a lid colour.  I'm a big fan of the sludgey shades, and this is a lovely example of a great, but not boring neutral shadow.

As for the compact rouge, you can see it sheers out for wear on the cheeks, and adds a natural and lovely pop of colour - I've had it in my makeup bag every day since it arrived, I've also used it once or twice on my lips, and it's simply divine:

I'm slightly more ambivalent about Secret Desire - it's not a shade I would have picked out for myself - as it's a little too nude for me, what do you think?

It's a beautiful formulation though, moisturising and opaque almost in one stroke.  I'll definitely be seeking out more shades.

I've read criticism that the range isn't exciting, that it isn't packed with colour, that's it's just full of "dull" neutrals.  I say "pshaw!"  Good neutrals that anyone can wear are one of the hardest things for a cosmetic brand to get right, if you ask me, and this brand - whilst muted - is anything but dull.

Embrace your inner taupe-lover, you'll never regret it ...


  1. That compact rouge looks gorgeous on your lips! Like a numpty I hadn't considered using it like this at all. I'll be correcting that today. You know my feelings on the boring comments ;), the last thing this range is is boring. Beautiful shades, sleek packaging and amazing formulations. Flattering? Yes. Boring? Never.
    Jane x

  2. I must admit they do look lovely. Still too rich for my blood.

  3. I really like the look of products!

  4. OK I might be a little overly colour obssesed, but the brand is far from Dull!! How anyone can say that is beyond me. I know where my money would be going....if I had any:)

  5. Edward Bess if far from boring, I refer to it as very sophisticated and full of luxury products. The compact rouge looks great on you and I'm glad the eyeshadow worked out well. I've got high hopes for mine that I've ordered! :-)

  6. I want these soooo much, look great on you - I love sludgy neutral, all I want from makeup is to look like me but better ie darker of lash, pinker of lip, smoother of brow

  7. Are the colours quite pigmented - perused the range n Zuneta but you can never really tell unless you watch the product in the flesh.


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