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Thursday 5 August 2010

Perfume Review - Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

Said to resemble a mojito, with notes of mint, water jasmine, brown sugar, and primo fiore lemon, this is the latest release from Giorgio Armani perfumes.  It's meant to also have some aquatic notes, and smell very "wet" as a result.

I've seen it described as a "floral aquatic", and many of the reviews I've read describe all the notes as read in the press releases.

I think maybe my nose is broken, because I smell melon (chanterais, maybe, a little honeydew, but definitely no watermelon), I don't get any of the mint, or the lemon, or the jasmine (no flowers at all, in fact), but after a while on the skin, I can smell the sugar.  In fact, after it's rather crisp'n'fruity opening, it's really, really, really sweet on my skin, to the point where I can't stand it any more.  It's a shame really, as on paper this scent sounds like it's really my kind of thing, I adore mint in perfumes - go crazy for it, in fact, as you'll see in a couple of weeks - so I'm terribly upset that this scent, to me, just smells like another generic fruity, woody musk that you can buy by the bucket-load anywhere in the UK.

That said, it'll sell MILLIONS. Armani perfumes are always stupendously popular, and this isn't a bad one, not by a long stretch, it's purely a malfunction of my nose, I think. I do adore the wonderfully tactile bottle though, it's a delight in the hand.

The Fine Print: Samples were acquired for review purposes.  If they weren't, I'd be reviewing something else, so there.


  1. To me, it's a perfume that starts well but goes on to be really '90s' and cologne-like.

  2. Thankyou for your post on this, I may give this one a miss and all I ever smell in the newer perfumes is melon, I think it is a hangover of CK1...suddenly melon was everywhere.

  3. I have that problem sometimes where a scent smells normal on everyone but me. I think it's part of the reason I'm so fussy about what I wear. It's funny how our own body heat and chemistry effect (or is it affect, oops) a perfume.

    Great review as ever. You're so good with the scent descriptions. x

  4. I got a relatively large sample of this as a GWP and found it very lacking in all the ways you described. But then I'm a classic Guerlain fragrances girl so I'm hardly the target market for this one!


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