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Wednesday 25 August 2010

Lipstick Queen - Jean Queen.

I'm a sucker. No, really, sometimes I am.  I'm always on the look out for great neutrals and when I spotted these in SpaceNK (gah!) I had to indulge.  Poppy King's latest addition to the Lipstick Queen line is a lipstick and a gloss designed to go perfectly with jeans.

Yes, jeans.  Now, I love my jeans, don't get me wrong, but one thought in all the years I've been wearing them that's never ever occurred to me is "Does my lipstick go with my denim?".  Maybe I'm a little odd, but I tend to match my makeup to my mood rather than my outfit (and yes, it doesn't always work, thank you) but I was intrigued so bought both anyway.

Poppy has this to say about them:

"After 20 years of designing lip colors, I have often been asked what is the perfect shade to wear with jeans.  Voila!
 Jean Queen lights up your jeans and your whole face at the same time.  This special shade offsets jeans perfectly for day or evening and suits all skin tones, ages, jean cuts and colours.
See your jeans go from drab to fab with one stroke of Jean Queen! JEANIUS!"

Seriously, who are these people begging to have their jeans "lit up" by their lipstick?

Still, here at Get Lippie, ours is not to reason why (much), and I'll just get on with showing you the goods.

There's a lipstick and a gloss, both in a shade of mauve-y pink.  I have to say that I HATE the packaging of the lipgloss, it's a squeeze-tube, and it's very, very, very easy to squeeze too much out. Because the plastic is quite stiff, you have to squeeze it quite hard, and I fear accidentally matching my eyes and hair to my jeans too.

I've swatched the lipstick on the left there and the gloss on the right.  The lipstick is actually a fair bit brighter than the gloss, and for that reason, it's a little less neutral once it's on your lips than the gloss is. The lipstick is Poppy's usual sheeny style, which I find sits "on" the lips a little rather than melds with them, but it's a very pretty shade, all the same.  I find that the gloss is better for smokey eyed looks, and the lipstick is better for a more neutral eye look.

Anyway, here's me looking goofy (complete with Croydon facelift hairdo) so you can see how it looks on my mush:

(eyes are Burberry Rosewod and Chanel Cassis Liner, Face is Guerlain Lingerie de Peau, and blush is ... er ... something).  So, do my jeans look good in this?  I am wearing them, I promise.

Overall, I like the shade of both of these, neutral without being too nude, and they'll suit a variety of makeup looks ... but light up your jeans?  I dunno.  What do you think?

Oh, and Poppy, a word about the packaging:

Is that really necessary?


  1. I have no idea how that will light up your jeans, it looks nice though. That packaging is a bit....erm, unnecessary! Is that how all the products are packaged?

  2. Oh wow, that is what I have been looking for since forever! Every day I wake up and think "what lipstick will match my jeans?" and cursed the fates that nobody has answered my plea.

    No, wait, I'm lying. I have never thought that in my whole entire life. Nice colour lipstick though. The packaging is completely unnecessary - won't someone think of the planet?

  3. lol at the idea, I would just try it out too see what it does to my jeans. Looks nice on you :)

  4. Weirdest. Idea. Ever.

    This is a really odd concept to me, and I *love* Lipstick Queen.

    Looks like a nice shade, but the 'great to wear with jeans' hook is a bit bonkers.

  5. Hmmmm....yeah I don't think so. lol My jeans don't need lit up. The color is nice, but I'm not into the overly gimmickyadvert of it.

  6. I always try to match my make up to my outfits. Always. In fact, today I got a new lippie I had to try immediately and was freaking out because it didn't match my top... however, denim has never been an issue for's denim isn't it? Matches everything!

  7. It looks pretty, but I think that whole jeans thing is just ridiculous :|

    I've never heard of anybody needing their jeans lit up by lipstick, and your top, shoes, accesories, and even makeup could change the effect anyway. So silly -_-

  8. umm, not sure i like the inspiration. a bit silly to say the least but the product remains gorgeous. lovely fotd. good to see your face again :) x

  9. I applaud you for buying this so I don't have to.


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