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Wednesday 18 August 2010

Chanel Eyeshadow Singles: 87 Khaki Vert & 88 Taupe Grise

When I was buying Chanel Paradoxal the other day, I was very aware that it was quite low down on my list of "must-haves" from the collection, these two little beauties were the things I was eagerly awaiting, and how happy I am to have them, finally! 

Sadly, the picture has washed both shades out a little.  On the left above is Taupe Grise, which is a gloriously complex shade of ... well ... taupe.  On me, this pulls to the purple side, which I really, really like.  There's a hint of silver in the powder too, meaning it's not flat, but it's also not a total shimmer fest.  It's very flattering and a perfect foil for the cassis eyeliner that's also available in this collection.

Vert Khaki, is a green shade, with hints of gold.  Similar to (but darker than) Mac's Sumptuous Olive, I adore this shadow, it's the very definition of "murk", and I think it goes well with my eyes, which are also a murky green shade.  Here's a very light swatch of both, without primer:

I'm totally looking forward to creating some smokey/bruised shadow looks with these little babies!  They don't look too different here, but I'm hoping the FotD that I have coming up will show off how different the shades are.

I love the autumn collections, it's probably my favourite time of year for makeup, before the cosmetic companies try to convince us that green and red and glitter are the only things you can wear ...


  1. The Vert Khaki looks good. Definitely one I'd consider adding to my collection of greens!

    You're right autumn is the best make up time of the year.

  2. I love both the colors, so gorgeous!

  3. I was tempted by the Vert Khaki, but I bought the Taupe Grise - my budget would only stretch to one - and I love it! I'm using it as a lid and crease colour at the moment - it's great! x

  4. I love the colours and had planned to purchase one or both. I was a little worried though when I saw some complaints about these being quite powdery. How do you find the texture and application?
    Jane x


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