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Tuesday 26 January 2010

Spots - A How To Guide

We all get zits. Occasionally, we all get those hormonal enormozits that take ages to come to a head and then take what feels like months to disappear. Here's my patented guide to dealing with zits.

Salicylic acid-based spot treatment
Clay-based face mask
Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream or similar

The vast majority of topical spot treatments contain salicylic acid, but I can personally recommend Clinique, and Origins as good ones.

If an emergency zit treatment is required, smush an aspirin (the active ingredient in aspirin is salicylic acid!), dilute with a little water, and dab the paste on your zit as required.

Dab the affected area with salicylic acid treatment of choice every few hours. Then put a dab of clay based mask on for overnight, to draw the spot out quicker.

Use something greasy - I'm going to recommend 8Hr cream here for traditions sake, but you can use vaseline, or bio oil, as you wish, but it must be something highly emollient - to clear up the inevitable redness and dryness caused by salicylic acid zit-zapper.

If squeezing proves irresistible:

If you end up popping your enormozit, first make sure your hands are clean! Pop, then use the clay mask to draw out all the impurities - leave it in place as long as you possibly can - then cover with grease of your choice (bio oil, 8hr cream etc) to ease resultant redness/flakiness/soreness.

This should help your zit leave quicker and not leave you wanting to tear your hair out waiting for it to go.

Any other spot tips out there?


  1. an oldie, but a goodie! My dermatologist always pricks my spots with a needle before doing a peel and advised me that doing this at home is safe as long as...

    A. The spot has a proper yellow head. Don't go digging.
    B. You use a tiny, tiny clean needle.
    C. All you do is flick the head - don't insert the needle into the spot.
    The result is that you don't have to squeeze hard to make the spot 'pop'. Once the head is flicked, just leave anything that naturally comes out, then follow the application of spot zapper as advised above. Don't squeeze and squeeze as there's the possibility of the spot contents being forced back inside deeper. Doing it this way causes less bruising and damage to the surrounding tissue and will make it less painful and red.

  2. Top tip! Now I;ll always have some aspirin lying around!
    Thank you

  3. great tips!!!
    another thing..if you pop the spot..don't draw it will leave scarring.


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