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Sunday 24 January 2010

Makeover: Helen H

I love Sundays at Lippie Towers, every week there's a different person here for a makeover, and it's always fun figuring out how a person wants to look, and seeing if I can recreate that look for them.  Please meet Helen:

Two Helens in two weeks!  Helen is a very pretty girl, who wanted to learn more about applying foundation, and using colour.  As you'll see, we discovered that Helen's favourite colour is in fact, black, so we mainly used that ...

As always, we start with the base, for this makeover, we used Max Factor Seamless foundation in porcelain, and used a touch of Bare Escentuals in bisque as a concealer on those areas that needed it:

This has evened her skintone beautifully. We were inspired by a  picture of Julia Roberts wearing a smokey eye designed by Kevyn Aucoin:

And so we went on to define Helen's eyes with a mixture of 2 True number 9 shadow, and Rimmel Jet Black eyeshadow.  First we used 2 True as a colour-was over the whole eyelid area:

The we defined the crease with Rimmel Jet Black, and went on to use that as an eyeliner too:


Because Helen's brows are a little sparse, I then went on and filled them in with a little Smashbox brow fix in brunette, and added a little Bourjois mascara:

Then, to finish, I defined those gorgeous cheekbones with a little Ilamasqua blush in Rumour, and covered her lips with Chanel Rouge Allure in No.1: Delight:

Here's the before'n'after:

A slightly more wearble version of the Julia Roberts look, but achieved with a minimum of products and fuss.  Thanks for taking part, Helen!


  1. Gorgeous! I'm always scared of doing dark colours (or any colours to be honest) into the crease, for fear of looking full tranny. I shall have to reconsider, it looks great on Helen!

  2. Stunning result, even though I might be a bit biased as Helen's mum. Well done, sometimes people go overboard on those who don't need much make up, but it was just right, and still on. She's gone out to show it off.

  3. Helen looks lovely. Not too over the top (like julia Roberts) and not too little. Whens my appt??

  4. Wow. *jawdrops* what a change.
    Absolute stunning xx

  5. Aw she looks fab! Great Job!

  6. that is SUCH a transformation, she looks great!

  7. oh very nice, i loved that you used a pic from my all time fav makeup geniuses Kevyn Aucoin(RIP. great job!

  8. She looks great anyway, but you made her look even better! :)


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