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Thursday 14 January 2010

Nails - my new obsession!

If you follow me on Twitter I think you'll have noticed that my latest obsession is my nails!  And, I'm also obsessed with nail varnish at the moment too ... but not just any polish, I'm mainly obsessed with holographic ones ...

This is the collection I have of them so far.  I blame Mizzworthy, if she hadn't tied me down and forced me to buy  introduced me to the OPI Designer Series Celebration polish (2nd from the left there) then I wouldn't have this lemming for holographic polishes, because I wouldn't have known they existed!

My nails are currently painted with OPI Extravagance (3rd from the right) which is a gorgeous purple with red, yellow, orange and green holographic glitter:


Love the depth of colour in this polish, and also love that it's quite subtle from a distance:

I've tried China Glaze and OPI holo's so far, but I'm REALLY looking forward to Nubar releasing their holo-polishes at the end of January ... they'll be available from Beauty Shed, and I'll be picking up at least a couple ...I found the swatches here, and I can't wait!


  1. OPI always has some of the most Fabulous colors. I love OPI polish.

  2. gorgeous missy i love opi nail paints my fav at the mo is susie & the lifeguard x

  3. i love nail polishes too..but i prefer the 1 coloured matte looking ones..

  4. I so haven't got enough holos. I haven't got any of the OPI DS ones, I'm happy with the cheaper China Glaze holos! ...But that does look lovely *drools*

  5. Oooh pretty pretty pretty. I LOVE hologram anything so i must get some of these. I need to add some OPIs to my collection... And China Glaze... And Essie :P

  6. After reading some nail polish blogs I am now thinking about nail polishes more than I should.
    Now I WANT Illamasqua's Lament. I will get it as soon as they get their lip brush back in stock to get those together :)


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