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Monday 25 January 2010

Multipurpose Products

So, we all have them, those little products that do double duty.  Blushers that double as eyeshadows, lipsticks that act as blushers, the lipbalm that also works as a moisturiser or cuticle cream and so on.

However, I think this one takes the biscuit it's the, er ... "personal product" that also works as a hair serum, and heat-styling protector.  Would you?  Could you?

Warning:  while the link is safe for work (it's from HQ Hair) the product itself might not be something you want on your work internet history ... Many thanks to @muddlinleigh for the link!

What are some of your favourite double-duty products?


  1. I was wondering what was so bad about the pretty coloured NARS sticks at the top of the post, and I did wonder how you could put a pink serum in your hair... Then I clicked the link - Glad I'm on my personal laptop! :D

  2. I think you can use any mostly-silicone based product both as a hair product and as a "personal" product. I have done in the past and anything silicone heavy works both ways, as it were! :D

  3. I'm SO getting this for a friend! I want them having a massive bottle labelled 'Lubelicious' on their dressing table!

  4. I remember KY Jelly trying to become 'multipurpose' and a handbag essential by saying it was a great hair serum.

    Anyhoo - favourite multipurpose thingys.
    - Nars multiple (or fake versions thereof)
    - Rose and Co Rose petal balm

    Should be multipurpose but aren't - Benetint. Never managed not to look like Aunt Sally when I put it on my cheeks.

  5. lol..what a crazy product?!?
    i would never think of buying something like that!

  6. I know all silicone-heavy products are more or less the same, but I like to think that I won't be finding a new use for my Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum any time soon ...

  7. I am so getting some for the shared bathroom - love the new look btw!!


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