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Monday 11 January 2010

MORE bargains! Stila

After my last (dreadful) experience with Stila, I was in two minds whether to pick up any more, but these were such a bargain that I thought even if they're awful, it's not too much of a loss.  I picked up four loose shadows and a smudge post in Jade for just £10! Thank goodness for the random bargains you can find in TJ Hughes ... Then I discovered that I'd actually bought two shadows which were the same colour, but hey ho ... look out for it in a giveaway soon!

Onto the swatches etc, first the loose shadows:

I have numbers 7, 3 and 12, as you can see they're all very shimmery, 7 is a nice metallic taupe, 3 is a very pretty lilac, and 12 is a soft copper.  Here's how they look on the skin:

As you can see, they swatch pretty sheer, but the colour pay-off is still better than last time. These have been swatched dry over bare skin, I expect if swatched wet, or over a primer they'd be a lot more vivid.

Here's the smudge pot, I like this mossy green a great deal, and I'm a bit annoyed they didn't have any other colours that I could find:


The colour pay-off in this is excellent, and it blends well.  I'm really looking forward to getting on with some FotD's with these.


  1. I think me and you are like Stila reverses (if that makes sense)

    My palette came up great on my eyelids without a primer (you had issues with yours) and then the jade smudgepot comes out great on you but was pretty poor on my eyelids..

    I may have to use it again with a white pencil under it.

  2. oooh that smudgepot looks similar to the mac paintpos..are they the same?

  3. i used to be a huge Stila fan. Lauder group didn't do it any favours when they owned it or when they sold it!!! Tres jealous you picked up some bargains like that! I will forever miss their creamy foundation that came in the silver tube. I'm constantly on the lookout for it but haven't had any success yet. x

  4. Lauder group really killed Stila off, it's such a shame.

    I think the smudgepots aren't quite as sticky as paintpots, they seem very nice though, I'll have a more considered review when I've trialled them properly.

  5. so cheap! jade smudgepot looks realy nice :D


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