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Monday 23 November 2009

S Factor Shiny Happy People Hair Shine Spray

Catchy name!  I tested this recently, it's from Tigi - I use their products a lot, and swear by their Oat and Honey conditioner - it's meant to make your hair shiny, protect it from humidity, and improve it's overall condition.  It contains silk proteins and panthenol which are meant to protect and moisturise. You spray it from 10-12 inches away from your hair, and  let it do it's work.

I'll be honest, I didn't actually notice any difference to the shine on my hair (and nor did anyone else I asked), but I think it did help me not frizz up completely in the massive rain storm I had to go out in yesterday. Normally if there's so much of a sniff of moisture in the air, my hair puffs up like a dandelion clock!

I'll be wary of using it much in the future though, as this stuff smells exactly like strawberry Chewits, and the smell lingered. For a very long time. Lots of people made comments about sweeties all day whenever I tested this.  It's not a bad scent, as these things go, but it's too sweet, very sickly, and hugely unsophisticated, which I thought was a shame.

Overall, I'll rate it five out of ten, and that's purely for the humidity protection.

You can buy it for £13.30 from Lookfantastic.


  1. It's a Skip Factor for me. As much as I love perfumes and nicely scented thing, too much "food" smell is just not on. Especially on hair.

  2. you're right. that is a catchy name! :D

  3. Ha, so that's why you were going on about chewits!

  4. It works best on wavy or curly hair! I flat ironed my hair and used it, and I didn't notice anything. Then I let my hair dry naturally and used it just to see what happened, and it looked AMAZING. Too bad I don't like my waves =\


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