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Tuesday 17 November 2009

Organic Wednesday - Dr Organic


Or ... "Tell 'em about the hunny, mummy ..."

No, I haven't (yet) lost my marbles, but there are two products to review this week, and the above  quote will make sense when I get to the second one.  I hope!

The Background:

The company says:

"Dr Organic utilise only the finest natural and organic raw materials wherever possible. Sourced from around the world, every single active ingredient is rigorously tested to ensure it conforms to our strict quality guidelines. Combined with the latest scientific methods of extraction, Dr Organic products ensure that active compounds are retained to create products that are truly functional."  

They also go on to promise no parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), perfumes or artificial fragrances, no animal ingredients (except honey) and no animal testing.

Dr Organic have a complete range of body products including everything from toothpaste to deodorant to body butters, in a range that utilises everything from lavender to manuka honey to tea-tree oil, so there's really something for everybody here.

The Products: 

 From their Pomegranate range, I tried the toothpaste:

The Blurb Says:

"This triple action toothpaste is formulated with Organic Pomegranate, Arnica, Silica, Aloe Vera, Icelandic Moss, Horse Chestnut and Tea Tree. Regular brushing with this fresh flavoured toothpaste helps protect against bacteria, one of the main causes of plaque and tartar, whilst leaving the mouth feeling fresh and clean."  

Lippie Says: 

It's toothpaste.  Toothpaste that's packed with the same Icelandic moss that Boots put in their eye makeup remover - that moss sure does get around, I have to say. There's not a huge amount else I can really say about this though, aside from noting my MASSIVE disappointment that it's actually a minty gel, rather than a fruity paste (obviously, I'd totally missed the BIG mention of mint on the packaging, as I'm a dingbat) but it gets my teeth clean enough in the mornings and I've not had any issues with bleeding gums or anything since I started using it, so as toothpastes go, it's not a bad one.

Having mentioned that I was disappointed that it doesn't taste of pomegranate, there is a slightly odd sour-sweet taste under the intense mintiness that I'm not entirely sure I like, certainly it's there and it's been noticeable every time I've used it.  I'm not sure it's something I'd buy a again to be honest. Mine cost £3.99 from Holland & Barret.

And, from their Manuka Honey range, I tried their Body Butter:

The Blurb Says: 

"A luxurious, deeply hydrating natural butter containing a delicate blend of Organic Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Sunflower oil and Vitamin E. This light textured butter, which is easily absorbed, restores and nourishes dry skin areas; it brings silky softness to the skin by attracting and retaining moisture and gives it a supple softer, firmer, younger looking feel. It helps improve elasticity and promotes a healthier skin tone and smooth natural glow."

Lippie Says:

Now, a big confession for me, I don't actually believe in body lotion  - I'm not alone, India Knight doesn't either.  My skin, in all honesty, doesn't appear to need it, and I only use it for it's intended moisturising purpose when I'm having one of my increasingly rare scaly days after shaving my legs.  So, I tend to use body lotion as an extension of my perfume, and to that end, I do actually own quite a few, but they're all chosen for their scents rather than their moisturising properties, to be honest.

With that in mind, I was asked to review this product and I was in two minds about it, to be honest. I'm not a big fan of honey at all, and the one and only other time I tried a manuka honey-based moisturiser, the smell of it made me vomit!  It smelled like a fungal infection, and using it in the first place was like trying to rub cheese into my face, so it's not my happiest of beauty memories, I have to admit. The product will remain nameless to protect the guilty ...

Anyhoo, this turned up, and it smells just like a jar of honey, I mean, really, really, really like a jar of honey.  And it's a strong smell.  I trialled a bit on my arm, and it smelled just the same on my skin as it did in the jar, so I guess how much you like this cream will depend a great deal on how you find the smell of honey.  When I used it properly for the first time, MrLippie came into the room, immediately commented on the very sweet smell, and he didn't much like it, I'm afraid.

I found the cream very rich, but very easily absorbed, which I think is down to it having an aloe vera rather than an emulsified water base.  It's actually a pleasure to use, even if it does come in a pot (my own particular peculiar bugbear when it comes to beauty products, I hate tubs!  I want tubes!), and if it is slightly like slathering yourself in a Greek hotel breakfast at times, then at least it's a luxurious one ...

The odd thing about this body butter is the effect it has on other people when you're wearing it.  People will get closer to you than normal, and they'll - at least if you know them well enough - keep sniffing you., trying to figure out what the "lovely smell" is. MrLippie, for all his complaining that it was too sweet when it was first applied couldn't stop smelling any random body parts that came his way for an entire day.  This smell lasts! Everyone seems to adore the scent of this stuff, even I like it, and I don't like honey!  Or body lotion.  You may find people subconsciously doing impressions of the Honey Monster when you wander past though, I certainly did ...

So, if you want to get closer to people, buy it. You'll have nice skin, and you won't be short of company!   Several people keep trying to take this tub off me - one of my housemates threatened to mug me for it the other day - but they can bugger off  go away. This one's mine, and I'm keeping it. It may be the product to eventually change my mind about body lotion.  Maybe ...

If you do want a tub of your own it costs £8.99, and it's available from Holland and Barrett. You can read more about the range here


  1. Bloody hell you was early with this one hunny. Tenna bet you scheduled it for 0.00am haha.

    I was reading about this brand the other day in a magazine, might have been Fabulous Magazine that comes with the News of the World (yeah I'm sad and I read the news of the world).

    Its pretty reasonably priced isn't it?


  2. Bum, forgot to put the price on it, didn't I?! Yeah it's £8.99 for a big tub. Not bad when you compare it with Body Shop body butters these days!

  3. I'm with you and India Knight on the body lotion front - rarely, rarely use it :)

    Quite like the idea of attracting people like bees though!

  4. Well, I have really dry skin, I mean REALLY dry on my legs, but yeah, I only wear moisturizers after bath/shower and I do choose them because of their scent! Honey? I'm such a Winnie The Pooh, I adore honey, so I'd definitely cover myself in this yummy-sounding cream from head to toe! xx


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