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Saturday 7 November 2009

Mini Bobbi Brown Haul - and Face of the Week

Okay, face of the fortnight, if I'm being honest ... I bought these shadows from Bobbi Brown recently, in the palette there is (L-R) Flesh, Naked and Gunmetal, and on first glance I think they look a little uninspiring, but this has been one of my very favourite purchases for a while.  I had initially been intent on buying Flesh and Woodrose from BB as some new neutral base shadows, but on swatching in House of Fraser, I realised that Woodrose is just a little too cool for my pale-custard coloured skin, so I swapped it out for Naked.  Gunmetal was a colour that I wasn't intending to buy at all (I've done two grey-eyeshadow based makeovers lately, and they got terrible feedback, who knew it was so contentious?), but I kind of fell in love with this shade in the store.

Here's how they swatch (dry, on unprimed skin) without flash and with:

You'll notice that Flesh disappears almost entirely on my skin, and you may be thinking that's a bad thing, but actually, it's not.  It's perfect for creating an even and matte base for other shadows, and when I add  Naked into the crease for a contour, I really love the effect I get, they're a lovely pair of colours for that polished and natural look I'm such a fan of.  I've mainly been using gunmetal as a softer lining alternative to black recently, and for a big night out recently (one where I knew I was going to be going out with a lot of women who don't wear an awful lot of makeup), I created this look:

Basically, I used Flesh (over Urban Decay Primer Potion), over the entire eyelid, up to the brow as a base, then defined the crease with Naked, and created a winged liner look from corner to corner with Gunmetal and I loved how the grey contrasted and brought out the brown in my eyes.  I'm also enjoying using matte shades for winter, I think they look very different to the shimmery looks I've been creating lately.

I've been doing a softer version of this look for daily office wear for the last week, combining it with Maybelline Hollywood Red, and I'll bring you a full-face version of this look soon.  I'm not showing the full face look here as I hate how shiny I am in the pics, and I've changed my foundation to a more matte formulation recently.  I'm all about the matte at the moment, it seems!

(note: I've had my eyebrows done since I took these pics, my eyebrows are the bane of my existence, Denis Healy and me, separated at birth.  Troo story)


  1. If you think YOUR brows look bad, you should see mine!

    I really like BB shadows, super easy to blend..I've got Heather Mauve Shimmer Wash (one of my all time faves). It's sheer but still packs some colour. I really must find the perfect nude for my lids.

  2. Trust me, my brows get a LOT worse! I didn't actually think they were that bad until someone offered me a free eyebrow shape recently...

  3. oo a free eyebrow shape would be cool, getting them threaded near my office costs like £14 flipping rip off! Anyway what I meant to comment was that the palette looks really pretty xx

  4. @Get Lippie: I hate when people do that, makes you feel really low. There are women at my local Debenhams who always come up to me and ask as if I look like a beast and they're so rude so I just asked them an equally rude question back. It's like this other "natural" brand which operate in Fenwicks at Brent X. I was walking past them and she stopped me and said " have really bad, funnily pigmented our product, it will help you". Yeah, I'm really going to buy it after you've insulted me. And I always thought my skin looked find..RUDE!

    @Sarah x: Some places charge TOOO much to get your brows threaded, I find the smaller Indian salons the best, the lady who has been doing mine since I was 14 charges me only £2.

  5. Ha! I hate those women too, Rhamnousia, they drive me crazy. I have to admit that my free eyebrow shaping experience wasn't quite that kind of thing though, look out for a post about it soon...

  6. I actually like natural-looking lashes...I only pluck mine under the arches a bit to keep them tidy, but otherwise I much prefer not having to paint them on with pencils!! So be proud of your brows! I've been thinking about adding some Bobbi Brown to my London shopping list (you're right, I'll be coming to the UK in 2 weeks' time! I can't wait, I haven't been since Autumn 2006, when I was pregnant)...I'm afraid my list is getting terribly long though! xx

  7. Sorry, I obviously meant eyebrows! Not sure where my brain was while I was writing that!! xx

  8. Really pretty, the gunmetal shade looks great on you, may have to pick that one up :)


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