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Thursday 12 November 2009

My Mini-Makeover at NARS

Whenever I'm offered a makeover in a department store, I try and take the salespeople up on it, unless the salesperson falls into one of these two categories: a) is wearing black lipliner or b) works for Benefit.  Sorry Benefit ladies, you're all no doubt wonderful people, but I tend to come away looking like I've let a toddler loose on my mush face with the crazy glue, a bag of glitter and some magic markers.

This week, I went to see the NARS people at Selfridges, and this is how I came out looking:

Normally, I avoid browns like the plague, but I'm really rather liking the look she's created here - and I actually quite like how she's accentuated the fact that my eyes are different colours as well. Unintentionally, undoubtedly, but I like the odd effect - I tweeted at the time that I felt a bit like a drag queen (a midget drag queen to be exact, but the less said about that, the better), but it's grown on me since then.  She used Cyprus as a highlight in the inner corner, and blended both Mekong and Galapagos as the socket shade, and used Galapagos (again) as an under-eyeliner.


The flash on the camera is really reflecting the coppery/bronziness of the shimmer in the eyeshadows, in the flesh it's actually a LOT darker, and dramatic, but it made an excellent change from my more natural usual looks.

I have to admit to not loving how the Sheer Glow makes me look exceptionally sweaty though, I have to admit.  Feels nice on, but if it looks like this after only two hours wear, and under powder, it's not something I'll be investing in, if I'm being honest.  She used a flat brush - something I've never thought of, but it seems so obvious now - to apply the lipstick (Falbala) and that's definitely a tip I'll be using again!

I did in fact purchase both Mekong and Galapagos, and here's a more wearable daytime look I created with Galapagos and Flesh by Bobbi Brown:

Again, the flash has washed the colour out a bit here, but it was a fair bit more dramatic than my usual look for the office.  I've used a more matte foundation as well, which I think works better.


  1. So sorry to leave this here but the baby is screaming so I have to be quick rather than find another way...

    If the flash is causing troubles photographywise (and it does have a reputation for washing/glaring faces out and being unflattering), then assuming you are using a DSLR try switching the flash off and turning up the ISO ie slowing the shutter speed. This will get more light in when under artificial light (although beware then of camera-shake because these settings slow the exposure down, so any movement in the camera could end up in a blurry photo).

    If on the other hand you are using a mobile phone camera, then still try to avoid flash - natural light will always be softer, even if you have to use the 'night' or 'portrait' settings.

    Christ this sounds patronising. So sorry - just delete when you have read it - it was your comments on the effects of flash on the photography that prompted me to write.

  2. You look really Cleopatra-esque in the first pic


  3. I really like that warm dark brown on you. Glad your counter makeover was more positive than my recent one!

  4. I got Mekong recently but I haven't tried it yet (that's obviously I sign that I have too much makeup :D) you then it's work owning Galapagos as well? And you're right, I love how the make-up plays up your gorgeous two-toned eyes! That's so cool, I hadn't actually noticed until you said it yourself! xx

  5. Anise, NEVER apologise for leaving me hints about my camera work, it's all really appreciated! I *must* read the instructions for my camera soon ...

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

    Anna> The Galapagos is a much warmer brown than the Mekong, and as it's lighter, I can actually see it being a but more versatile, in all honesty.


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