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Tuesday 24 November 2009

Winter Lips

Yes, winter is definitely settling in, my lips are beginning to dry out. In winter, I normally break out my trusty pot of this:

Sisley Nutritive Balm. It's rich, has no discernible taste and I've found there's simply nothing better for preventing cracked, sore and peeling lips. However, it's very expensive (around £35 a pot). What do you use to keep your lips in pristine shape?


  1. Elizabeth Arden 8hr Lip thingy. Which I know doesn't work on most people because of the Vitamin E.

    If I'm out hiking a lot I take carmex as it works, is relatively cheap and tastes so nasty that Mr Kitty will consider using it.

  2. This stroppy Scouse bird I know recommended Juicy Tubes lip gloss as a general all-purpose gloss, and it works rather nicely as a balm too.

  3. My lip essentials are Vaseline and carmex x

  4. Carmex, I'm telling you!

    Remember when Opia lipgloss caused my lips to go all manky? Carmex fixed me up.

    Plus, tis cheap!

  5. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream. Not the lip one, the regular stuff. I loathe the smell but oh it's good.

  6. I need a new lipbalm. Prob Burts Bees.

    I have Carmex and I love the tingly feeling but really hate teh taste and the way it gets in my mouth.

  7. i've been rocking Let Them Eat Cake lip balm from Lush. Whenever I put it on people always start commenting that they can smell something yummy! Ha ha! It's been keeping my lips in such great condition. I think I'm going to get a few while it's in stores to get me through the year. It's so purse friendly as well! I think it's under a fiver! x


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