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Friday 10 August 2012

Blast From the Past - The Body Shop

 I totally blame CandyPerfumeBoy for this post.  He wrote a wonderful review of Body Shop White Musk Oil a couple of weeks ago, and I'd totally been lusting after a bottle myself from that point onwards.

I haven't been disappointed with my purchase at all, whilst I lack Candy's lyrical writing skills, White Musk Oil (not the spray products, just the oil), is a wonderful little under-appreciated gem.  The wonderfully root-y opening, redolent of Iris (which just avoids the carrot-y associations you can sometimes get with iris) leading down to the beautifully warm undercurrents of amber and musk make this an easy, simple and pleasant scent to wear at any time of year.  I've been layering it under all kinds of things recently, to make my simpler summer fragrances last longer, and it's been a wonderful addition to my fragrance "wardrobe". Oh yes, and at £11 it's a complete and utter bargain.

Whilst I was in the store, I picked up a few more things too.  The pink grapefruit body mist is rather lovely, on hot days, and it smells rather juicy and delicious.  Grapefruit is about the only "fruit" scent that I can bear as it comes, most other fruits smelling too sweet, but grapefruit can be a refreshing burst of citrus loveliness and this version neither sears your nasal passages nor has the sulphuric undertones that can make some grapefruit scents somewhat reminiscent of  .... whisper it ... BO ...  my only gripe with the body mist is that it comes in a glass bottle, and I'd like it to be more hand-bag friendly, as it's great to use throughout the day.

I received the bottle of Moringa Beautifying Oil as a press gift a little while ago, and I've been very impressed with it, so much so that I've bought a few of the other scents too.  It's a dry oil, which is multi-use.  You can use it as a body oil, a cuticle treatment, hair treatment, and even use it on your face as a moisturiser too.  Personally, I wouldn't use something so perfumed on my face, ever, but it does sink in easily, wherever you're applying it, and doesn't leave a greasy residue.  The scents match many of the other products in the Body Shop range, so this is really handy for scent layering.  Moringa is a lovely floral fragrance, which is nice in your hair.  I find the other, more fruity scents are more suitable for the body, but that's just me.

So yes, I was a bit surprised by my trip to The Body Shop recently - I'm only surprised I didn't buy anything with Dewberry or Fuzzy Peach*, to be honest ... I may have even bought some peppermint foot lotion, just for old-times sake.

The Fine Print: Purchases.  Cheap and loveable purchases.  I'm as surprised as you are, to be honest.

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  1. Body Shop's perfumes are not bad at all. I have been using the Vanilla one for years and always keep it in my bag as a top up perfume for while I am at work. You are right it ie very good value for the price.

  2. At least you didn't buy Ananya, the most wretched smell on the planet!


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