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Monday 27 August 2012

It's Vaseline Mystery Flavour Time Again ...

I get sent some random things here at Get Lippie, but a recent package of an unbranded pot of Vaseline alongside some "clues" to the new flavour:

Alongside a parcel of decorative items:

had me a little stumped.  I'm about as creative as the average doorknob, so the press release urging me to decorate the tin, whilst guessing the flavour had me scratching my head a bit.  Then I read the part where I could win a trip to Paris, and all my fears flew away.  The following bit that said one of my readers might also win a trip to Paris meant I kind of had to take part, really.  I'm nice like that.

I think the flavour is pink champagne, btw.  The signs all point to it, the champagne truffles, the champagne glass bubbles, the birthday candle, the balloon. The goo iself is pink:

And the tin is pink - oh and there's another clue to the flavour on the bottom, let's see if you can spot it too:

It tastes kind of sweet, but not fruity, btw.  It's nice.  You're still eating petrol though, bear it in mind.

I'm still crap at art, or anything even slightly creative, but I gave it my best shot.  First, I covered the lid (and my hands, and my desk, and the carpet, and my hair, and MrLippie - I'm a cackhanded muppet) in glitter:

Lovely, lovely glitter.

Then, eschewing the rather ... erm ... colourful decorations I was sent, I decided to go monochrome.  Silver stars, to be exact.  Trust me, if you've never spent a sunny Sunday morning picking all the silver stars out of four mini-packs of confetti, then you simply haven't lived.  I'll be picking them out of the carpet for weeks.  Anyway, here's the finished product (sorry for all the pics, the light was on my side for once, and I got carried away with the camera):

The mystery Vaseline flavour goes on sale in Selfridges on the 5th of September.  What do you think of my "artistic" efforts?  Leave me a comment and let me know - who knows, one of you could win a trip to Paris if my efforts are good enough!  You can find out more about the new Vaseline flavour at You know, if you want to ...
The Fine Print: PR Sample. It's a gift that's kept on giving.  You know how sand gets everywhere?  Well, imagine the glitter and confetti version of sand in your crack.  You're welcome.

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  1. lol...I like your artistic attempt!!! I love Vaseline and I'm excited for the new release!

  2. I like the pinkish glitter - very much like bubbles. Glitter and other little things are why the boys are only allowed to be creative every once in a while - you always find it months later.

  3. How sparkly is that?!!!! Looks brilliant.

    And I love a Champagne truffle. Is it wrong to eat it with a spoon?

  4. 'You're still eating petrol though' <--- and THIS is why I love you and your blog!

  5. It looks very cute, super sparkly :D I don't like champagne but will always have a glass of pink bubbly if it's on offer because it's so pretty and pink :D

  6. With packaging like that, if you sold it, i'd buy it. Even if it tasted like shit!

    1. Best comment ever! Thank you for making me laugh like a total loon! Also, please do not be giving them ideas for new flavours, I don't think the world has quite recovered from their Marmite April Fool yet ...


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