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Tuesday 14 August 2012

Wedding Update - Yaron Morhaim Jewellery

After an exceedingly frustrating couple of weeks trying to deal with an independent jewellery maker who thought not answering emails, not sending promised samples, putting up "joking" insults on my blog facebook page, making off-colour remarks on Twitter, and worst of all (for the jewellery was to be personalised) getting the groom's name wrong on multiple occasions, I finally caved into the inevitable and started consulting regular jewellers.  I'd reached the point where I realised that any jewellery we bought from this independent "artisan" would end up constantly reminding me how awful the purchasing process was, and I didn't want bad memories associated with my a piece of jewellery I'm planning to wear for the rest of my life.
I'm happy to say that we've now bought MY wedding ring as a result of our changed plans.  Turns out Mr Lippie is a fussy customer beyond compare, but hey, we can deal with that.  Eventually.  We had been planning to have matching rings, and we're going to buy something in a similar style for our bridesmaid too, but that's no longer the case.  We actually bought my ring in Cornwall, somewhere that has positive associations for the both of us, as we've spent a lot of time there during the course of our relationship.  A small jeweller in Falmouth introduced us both to the work of the Yoram Morhaim studio, and it was, I'm happy to say, love at first sight.

All the pieces have a artisan, slightly "boho" feel to them, and are stunningly beautiful.

And, considering the amount of work that's gone into the making of each piece, they're not that badly priced, either.

The best thing I can say about the ring (it's not on this page, I'm keeping some things secret - it's not on the Yoram Morhaim website either, ha ha!) is that I simply cannot wait to wear it.  I keep taking it out of the box and simply admiring it.  Silly, maybe, but I do love it.

Now, where in hell do we get MR Lippie's ring?

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  1. Absoluteky lovely stuff. I'm glad you got sorted

  2. Your first jeweller sounds awful, glad you've found someone new - the pieces above look beautiful.x

  3. Without knowing anything about Mr Lippie's taste, something I recently came across is shakudo, which is a style of metal inlaying. There are a number of shakudo rings for men on ebay at varying price points which are rather attractive.

    These photographed pieces are beautiful.

  4. Oh God, that's such an awful experience with a jewelers, why would they do that?! Clearly lost a lot of custom for it!
    The other jewelry looks gorgeous. How exciting to have found your wedding ring - bet it's so stressful!


  5. Oh this stuff is gorgeous!! Love it all

  6. i have a ring by this designer, we used to stock his pieces when i worked in a jewellery shop! I can't wait to see what you have chosen as i love his work x

  7. Gorgeous jewellery, glad you got your ring sorted in the end. Hope Mr Lippie finds something that suits him soon.

  8. Gorgeous jewellery! What a good find.

  9. Gorgeous jewellery, glad you got your ring sorted in the end. Hope Mr Lippie finds something that suits him soon.


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