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Wednesday 15 August 2012

Givenchy Mini Gloss Interdit - Travel Exclusive

I do have my boy trained well, I was delighted last week when he came home from a trip to Aberdeen with a little airport exclusive for me.  I've not tried too many lip products from Givenchy (albeit that one of my all-time favourite reds of all time is a Can-Can Red by them), so it was a nice way for me to try the range.

There are five shades in the kit, skewed towards pinks, lilac and rose:

I was delighted that the glosses are intensely pigmented, if a little on the thick and sticky side, with quite a fruity scent:

Lasting time is about average for a gloss, a couple of hours before fading, and they will get all over your coffee cups and everything.  You know how glosses are.

I've found them to be non-drying, and a pleasure to wear (I don't mind a bit of stickiness, to be honest), but a couple of the shades do contain a bit of glittter, which, whilst it doesn't feel gritty on the lips, it does tend to stay ON the lips long - long - after the gloss itself has disappeared ...

You bought anything on your travels this year?

The Fine Print: Purchase.  And for once, not one made by me ...

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  1. Rose Taboo is a stunner... I live nowhere near Aberdeen though... sad times.


  2. I love how those Givenchy lipglosses look! In my local Debrnhams they always have a bright light shining on them to highlight the sparkle and I've always wondered what they'd be like in real life... Not as fabulous as they appear, I suspect.
    S xx

  3. Replies
    1. Highly unlikely this exact set still exists (this post is from 2012), but no doubt Givenchy will have similar travel exclusives this year. Sorry I can't be more specific!


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