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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Lush Emotional Brilliance - Sophisticated and Passionate

Press releases, by and large, irritate me hugely, so I rarely read them.  I skim the title, take a look at the brand,  and if it's one I'm interested in, I check the prices and availability, then throw the release away. Part of it is a desire to come to a product "cold", as a normal consumer would, and part of it is because, several times a day, press releases make me want to claw my eyes out of my head.  I happen to like my eyes, so I delete press releases as a matter of self-protection.

Lush, bless them, are brilliant at irritating press releases, and the release for Emotional Brilliance is no exception, from the second I read it, I simply was not interested in the product.  Emotional Brilliance is based upon colour therapy, whereby you go into a store, spin the colour wheel and then pick out the first three colours that appeal to you.  So far, so ... good?   

But, apparently, the colours are meant to represent your state of mind.  There's a whole heap of guff about what colours mean what, and how colour-therapy will help your state of mind, and aspirations, needs and strengths yadda, yadda, yadda.  Now, I don't mind colour-therapy in itself (my mum is a practitioner, remind me to tell you the story of why she's a Reiki Master, one day), some colours can cheer you up, or depress you, etc, but this strikes me as a hugely impractical way to buy cosmetics.  Sometimes, you just want a red lipstick.  Or a pink lipstick.  Or a taupe eyeshadow, and does it matter if those choices represent ... something a marketing department has decided it represents?

Anyhoo.  More fool me for ignoring this particular press release, because the Lush Emotional Brilliance products (Lush decided to send some to me regardless of my disdain for their release, because they are lovely folk, unlike your good and rather cynical self) are really decidedly fab.  Well, some of them are, anyway.  These two, in particular, I love.  

Sophisticated eyeshadow (meaning: "have style", according to the label) is a taupe shade, and most of you should know that I'm a sucker for taupe.  Passionate lipstick (meaning: "feel strongly"), is a glorious glowing pink with just a hint of blue duochrome.  I'm also a sucker for pinks at the moment.  It's like Lush know me better than I know myself, or something.

The products are cutely packaged in glass apothecary-style "dropper" bottles, which I really like (although, the doe-foot applicator in the lipstick feels very loose, in all honesty), and they apply well.  The eyeshadows contain glycerine which makes them easy to blend out, and I find it lasts very well, without fading for around six or seven hours.

The lipstick contains rose wax, and is exceptionally pigmented.  Whilst I don't find it particularly moisturising, it doesn't dry my lips out, and it wears very well indeed.  It also fades to a stain quite nicely too.  I don't find that the short dropper-style handle makes the product that easy to apply, it's a little too short, but it does work.  This shade is the most-complimented lipstick I've worn this year, btw.  Surprised me too.

So, what have I learned from Emotional Brilliance?  Well, it's that sometimes a good product can be done a disservice by a bad press release ...The products cost £14.50 each, which I think is slightly on the pricey side, to be honest, but they are great shades (in the main), and all are vegan-friendly.

The Fine Print: Unexpected - and unrequested - press samples.  Featured only because they outperformed my expectations.  They also sent a pea-green eyeliner, which will never grace this page.  Make of that what you will.

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  1. I've seen loads of these press releases over the last few weeks and I didn't read any of them, mainly because I associate Lush with bath products. However, your swatches made me take notice and I have to admit that the next time I'm near a Lush shop I will be popping in to check out that lip colour, absolutely gorgeous. Jude x @jadlgw

  2. I'm intrigued by this cosmetics launch by Lush, but the price point puts me off a little. I have no issues splashing the ££ for a Guerlain Rouge G, just not sure I'd spend £14.50 on a liquid eye liner.....still I'll be popping by my nearest store to have a swatch.

  3. The whole concept left me uninterested - the packaging style whilst cute, seems rather impractical. The swatch of Passionate has me interested though. x

  4. My previous (extensive) experiences with Lush put me off the products. I too am horribly cynical.

  5. I love these colours! my lovely husband walked blindly into a Lush store and bought me one of these to surprise me. He chose (or rather the sales assistant chose) the colour Happiness which is like a orangey toned gold. It's not the easiest of shades to wear, but I think the product itself is lovely, blends well and really lasts. Also agree that the price point is a bit silly. I think roughly £7 feels about right for these little bottles, £14.50 is taking the micky slightly.

  6. The concept seems irritating I agree, and I am surprised at how many positive reviews this range has had - I definitely fancy checking the range out

  7. Passionate looks a beautiful summer shade!!


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